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A Visual Guide to Home Energy Savings

Make it Practical: A Visual Guide to Home Energy Savings

When it comes to conserving energy in your home, switching off lights, turning down the hot water heater and reducing your HVAC usage don’t necessarily cut the bill. Your electricity bill is never going to get cheaper, so taking steps to conserve energy without affecting your comfort at home can go a long way. 

Integrating practical ways to save energy into your home is important. Who can afford to remodel their home with self-sufficient methods such as solar shutters, solar roofing, wind-generated electricity and wood stove heating? While these methods certainly save you energy, they will drastically alter your home and dip into your bank account mercilessly. 

What can you do to keep cold our outside in the winter and inside during the summer without breaking the bank? Insulating your walls, blocking the sun’s rays in the summer, sealing your attic and turning on the ceiling fan to circulate cool air can go a long way. 

Consider each room in your home and integrate practical ways to conserve energy while lowering your electricity bill.

A Visual Guide To Home Energy Savings

Infographic courtesy of Purely Shutters

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