We’ve heard it before. You have curtains but they’ve still got a few years in them. Or maybe they’re quite new, you love them, and you just need that little something extra to round off the look of your windows. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. We would never ask you to get rid of your beloved curtains. Luckily for you – and us – shutters and curtains need not be mortal enemies. In fact, combining shutters with curtains can work a real treat, adding personality and style to even the drabbest of windows. Who says you have to choose curtains over shutters?

Which shutter style goes best with curtains?

There are lots of different shutter styles to choose from. Whether it’s Full Height, Tier-on-tier, or Café Style, the choice is yours when it comes to curtains with shutters. While Full Height and Tier-on-tier cover the whole window, Café Style offers partial coverage. This is down to personal preference, but it is worth bearing in mind that café shutters with curtains will allow more light into your room.

What to consider when combining shutters with curtains

Slats and pushrods can make a real difference to the appearance of your shutters. Larger slats will allow more light into the room and are best suited to taller windows. Conversely, smaller slats will let in less light and work better with small windows.

Our front tilt rods run vertically down the shutter panel, letting you control the opening and closing of the slats. If you are aiming for a more minimalist aesthetic, then our clear view or hidden pushrod would be a better choice.

We also offer a wide range of colours and wood stains, so no matter the shade of your curtains, you will find the right selection for you.

What are the benefits of pairing plantation shutters with curtains?

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, shall we?  Placing curtains over shutters brings a sumptuous look to any space. Regardless of which design you decide on, shutters and curtains together offer a beautiful combination of contrasting – yet complimentary – textures. And with such a wide range of colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the right shade to match.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps noise and light from the street stops you from soundly slipping off in the wee hours. By pairing shutters and curtains, you’ll be able to keep street noise and light seepage to a minimum, helping you reach the land of nod that little bit easier.

And what about efficiency? Shutters and curtains are both energy efficient on their own, but when brought together, you can be doubly sure that no draft will sneak past your windows. And no heat will escape on those chillier eves, either.

Don’t forget, all our shutters are made to measure, meaning that they are manufactured exactly to the specifications of your window. This ensures a perfect fit every single time.

Will My Curtains Get Damaged?

Whether they are measuring or installing, our local surveyors are true experts in their field. Not only are they incredibly well versed in all things shutters, but they approach their job with the utmost care too. Our measuring appointments are non-intrusive, so your curtains will be left well alone. When it comes to fitting, we just ask that you take your curtains down. In a matter of ours your shutters will be finished, and you’ll be free to put your curtains back up. It really is as simple as that.

Do You Need Curtains with Shutters?

You might be worrying about how to pair plantation shutters with curtains. Perhaps you have a set of curtains that you can’t wait to bid farewell. Well, when it comes to interior shutters, pairing with curtains is entirely optional. In fact, the majority of our customers actually replace their curtains with a set of lovely shutters.

If you would like to learn more about pairing curtains with shutters, then please get in touch today. Call us on 0800 038 5311 or click the button at the top right of our website to book your free, no-commitment home survey and find out how shutters and curtains together are like birds of a feather.

With energy bills on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to ease the hefty cost of those pesky monthly payments. While it won’t be a surprise to hear that insulating the home helps to soften the blow of these periodic expenses, just what steps exactly can be taken to help make your home more energy efficient? 

With 30% of heating in the home being lost through windows, how you dress them can transform energy expenditure within the home. While blinds and curtains offer a cheaper upfront cost, they inevitably allow more heat to escape through gaps, making them less successful at insulating. Taking the plunge with shutters isn’t just a stylish choice, but a practical one! Read on to see how shutters can reduce your energy bills.

Bedroom shutters on a patio door in a rustic styled bedroom.

Are shutters good for insulation?

So we’ve established that your choice of window dressing can have a big impact on your home’s energy efficiency, but what exactly makes shutters the best finish for windows? Shutters differ from blinds and curtains because they have a built in frame, allowing for less heat to disappear through the gaps. As our shutters are made to measure, you can rely on a perfectly uniform fit for your windows. This means that when you pop the heating on for those chilly evenings, less of that warmth is going straight out the window. Effectively, shutters act as another layer of insulation for windows, being more effective for retaining heat in the home, and keeping you nice and cosy!

If shutters trap the heat in, does that make rooms stuffy in the summer? Not at all! Plantation shutters feature horizontal slats, allowing for maximum airflow and ventilation when you desire. Opening the slats during sweltering summer months allows you to create a cool breeze within the home while still allowing you to have cool shade. But why should windows get all the love? We also have shutters for doors, so your patio doors can help you to create a refreshed atmosphere even when temperatures soar outside. 

Temperature regulation has never been easier, making shutters the perfect choice for optimising your home all year long. Effective in trapping heat to keep the warmth in during the winter, as well as welcoming in a cool breeze in the summer, shutters are undoubtedly the best treatment for windows year-round.

White tracked patio door shutters in a traditional room opening to a garden

Can shutters save you money?

Not just beautifully stylish and practical for privacy and light control, shutters are a more economical option when it comes to energy costs. While the initial cost of shutters can seem expensive in comparison to blinds, when factoring in the savings made by installing quality shutters, they are more cost effective long term.

If you’re looking for home improvements for your lifelong home or wanting to add value to a house that could be sold in a few years time, shutters are the way to go. By conserving energy in the home, you’ll not only save yourself money, but you can help to reduce the energy waste that is taking such a toll on the environment!

Get a quick quote or to speak to an expert by booking a free home survey. With a range of styles available, you can select something that speaks to your taste while helping with home energy savings!

When it comes to dressing your kitchen windows, there are a lot of factors to consider! Being the hub of delicious meals and a conversational cuppa comes with its complications, as cooking environments are a constant output of heat, moisture, and smells. Decorating the space can be a tightrope walk between fashion and function, as sometimes you have to sacrifice one for the other! Here to provide you with both, we believe in stylish, practical solutions, so read on and discover what makes shutters an excellent idea for your kitchen window ideas.

Fresh white shutters at a kitchen window

Shutters vs Curtains and Blinds in the Kitchen

Exactly what are the best window coverings for a kitchen? While curtains, and more recently blinds, are a common choice, they both come with their impracticalities for one of the most important rooms in the house! Curtains are dwindling in popularity for kitchen windows, being that they come with increased fire risks, can blow around easily with a draught and their fabric design is prone to absorbing the inevitable scents and splashes that come from a well-loved kitchen. Unfortunately, mildew and mould are a likely outcome when it comes to hanging heavy fabrics in steamy spaces – not what you want near food! Fabric blinds come with similar issues, and even venetian blinds have the drawback of being flimsy and rattling in the wind.

Why are Shutters Best for Kitchens?

So what would you gain from investing in kitchen window shutters? Perhaps most importantly, we stock stunning waterproof shutters, an easy-maintenance, quick-clean option suited to the steam and splatter that comes with the territory. A more suitable option than hardwood, our resin based blinds are impervious to the occasional unavoidable spray of pasta sauce or puff of water vapour, making them a kitchen window’s best friend. 

A match made in heaven with windows, shutters allow you to adjust the slats and invite the sun in while enabling you to keep your room private if overlooking busy streets. Increasing the security and cosiness of your interiors, you can comfortably cook dinner without fear of performing to a parade of passers-by, and not needing to concede the beautiful evening light. Kitchen shutters also allow you to open the windows and welcome fresh air, while maintaining the level of privacy you desire. 

Yes, all of these benefits are a real selling point, but the question on everyone’s lips is ‘will it go with my interiors?’. The beauty of shutters is they’re an ultra versatile window dressing, suited to most interior styles. From classic design to modern concepts, this wonderfully minimalistic window treatment complements most aesthetics. Our Waterproof interior shutters are available in fresh white shades, impossible to clash with existing colour schemes. Great for small kitchens too, shutters fit neatly into frames for a sleek appearance, making your rooms feel bigger!

What Shutter Style is best for the Kitchen?

Every home is unique, and as are your windows! Casement windows, Sash windows, or even unusual shaped windows are just a handful of popular window types. Thankfully customising shutters to suit your windows is our speciality. When it comes to kitchen windows, there are a few main shutter styles that we’d recommend. 

Café style shutters are a chic option, covering half of the window while still providing privacy for the majority of your room. This is a brilliant choice for interiors that you’d wish to keep light and airy, while still being shielded from onlookers. A more continental look, this shutter also makes a stylish statement with the distinct ‘half-shutter’ appearance, for a distinguished French café vibe. 

Full height shutters are a style that you may be familiar with – this classic shutter offers a single panel that covers the whole window, making it suited to kitchen doors too! If you’re looking for a full coverage option that can be controlled through an individual tilt rod, it sounds like full height is your way forward.

Tier-on-tier shutters (AKA double hung shutters) blend together the perks of full height and café style – stacking separate panels on top of each other to provide you with more lighting and privacy options than full height shutters. A must have for kitchens that require a range of lighting options, they are great for windows with a street view.

Of course, if your home has unusual shaped windows, we also offer bespoke shutters to fit too! No special shape window is too much trouble.

If you’re ready to make the change to beautiful shutters for your kitchen windows, you can get a quick quote or book a free home survey, here.

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