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Benefits of Shutters

Window shutters are becoming an ever more popular choice of window dressing for our homes. As well as being stylish, elegant, and attractive, shutters offer a range of practical benefits which many people overlook.  

Here are a few of the many reasons of why installing shutters in your home is a great choice.

Temperature Control

During the summer months our homes can become extremely hot, especially conservatories and garden rooms. Installing plantation shutters adds an extra barrier between the glass in your windows and your room. This additional barrier helps to keep the heat out in the summer, and in the winter the heat in.

Keeping your shutters closed in the summer not only keeps the heat out but you can also open your windows and part tilt the louvres in your plantation shutters to let air circulate into your room. If you normally keep your windows closed in the summer to keep flies and bugs out, shutters will let you keep you windows open whilst still keeping the bugs at bay!

During the winter, shutters will help to insulate your home, potentially helping to reduce your heating bills as well as enhancing the efficiency of your home.

Light Filtering

TV screens and computer screens can be difficult to see when sunlight streams into a room, but by using the louvres on plantation shutters you can filter and direct the sunlight away. With many of us now working from home, sunlight on monitors can be a real nuisance. Shutters give you the flexibility of being able to redirect the sunlight in your room so that you no longer have to work in a dark room from having to draw your curtains.


Although we don’t like to moan about the sunlight, furniture and textiles can be badly damaged by sun bleaching. Rugs and carpets, dining room tables and sofas can all suffer, but with plantation shutters you can control how much light you let into your room and whereabouts. Simply tilt the louvres to angle the sunlight away to protect precious belongings.

Noise Pollution

Shutters also act as a natural sound barrier which can be more effective than other window dressings. For example, if you live next to a busy road the drone of traffic may keep you and your family awake at night. Installing window shutters will help shield the noise from your home enabling you to get a good night’s sleep.

If you are considering installing shutters in your home why not take advantage of our free home survey? Our experienced Surveyors will be able to visit your home (following our strict COVID-19 policy) and give you the best design advice for your windows. They will also bring samples with them so that you can see our range of beautiful shutters in your own home.

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