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How to choose the right shutter design


As well as being a fantastic investment, window shutters also provide many benefits. From adding elegance to your home and increasing its value to keeping the place warm and improving security, it’s impossible not to fall in love with these window dressings.

If you’re thinking about installing shutters, it can be difficult to decide which style to opt for. While they’re all great, some shutter designs may be better suited to your home than others.

Full Height Window Shutters

 If you’re looking for something to cover your entire window, full height shutters are the option for you.

This popular style is usually split into two sections with separate tilt rods which enable you to operate each section individually. For example, you may want the bottom half shut so that nobody can see into your home and the top half open to let in some natural light. After all sunlight in moderation is actually rather good for us, making us feel healthier and more vibrant.

Full height shutters are also excellent protectors of bad weather because they keep out any cold breezes and provide an extra layer of warmth to your home.

Café style Window Shutters

Café style shutters only cover the bottom half of a window, leaving the rest of it exposed. They are often used on very tall windows as they offer improved privacy if your property is overlooked or is on street level.

One of their biggest benefits is that they allow light into your home while still maintaining a comfortable level of privacy. Many people opt to team this style up with curtains as well so they can close them in the evenings to make the place more cozy and keep out the morning sun.

Solid Window Shutters

 Solid shutters look great in any home but they’re particularly popular in Victorian properties. As the same suggests, they’re made up of a solid panel rather than lots of different slats and they cover the entire length of the window.

They can also be used as bi-fold doors and offer near black-out so are ideal if your window is near a bright street light or you sleep better in complete darkness. Another huge benefit is that they’re great for heat insulation and have RV values similar to interior doors. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also fantastic at keeping out noise from roads or passers-by and even increase the security of your home.


Custom-made shutters

 If you have an unusually shaped window, the good news is that you don’t have to miss out on shutters. You can get them custom-made and designed to perfectly fit any window shape or size, even the most difficult windows.

Custom-made shutters are ideal if you struggle to find curtains or blinds to fit obscurely shaped windows and allow you to create a unique feature in your home.

Tier on Tier Window Shutters

 Tier on tier shutters have two sets of shutters within one frame. One of their biggest advantages is that they provide greater flexibility because the two sets open and close independently. For example, you may choose to fold back the top half while still being able to open or close the bottom half.

Tier on tier shutters are ideal if you’re on street level because you can close the bottom half so nobody can see in and keep the top half open to let in some light.

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