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The Christmas Table

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Christmas is a special day for many people for all sorts of reasons. For some it is religious, for others it is the big guy in the red costume and snow white beard, and then there is the colossal family lunch.

Christmas day is the only major feast that we have in the British calendar but when we decide to have a feast day, goodness – don’t we go for it.  At no other time of the year do we consider roasting a joint of meat big enough for 6 extra people, plus sausages, and 5 different types of vegetables, bread sauce, stuffing, gravy, only to be followed up by a heavy cake-style pudding, cheese, oh and then there are chocolates, mince pies and cake.  Some people even have starters!  I feel like hunting down all my amazing diet books just thinking about it.

While you are struggling away in the kitchen, preparing a meal for 20 people (although you only have 12 guests) you can guarantee that you will be inundated with offers of help.  Which is lovely isn’t it! Yes sometimes the “helpers” are not really very helpful – you know who you mean, there is ‘Aunty Jane’ who stirs the gravy and wants to take the credit for everything else, while “Aunty Pam” has just peeled her body weight in spuds (thank you).  However, it’s the other helpers which cause the problem. If you do give them a job, they will slope off in a few minutes having attempted about ¼ of what they had promised to do, as they need to entertain the children, or the Christmas Special of Dr Who has just started on BBC … I’m painting a bleak picture here, however I am doing so because I want to offer you a little ray of sunshine – I found this on YouTube, and just had to share.

Christmas Tree napkin folding! So easy a 5 year old or a 95 year old could manage it (and take credit for it while staying out of the way). They can do it in the kitchen, or in front of the TV, they can stop and start again at will, but it is still so quick and easy to do.

Now all that is left is to make sure that you time the gargantuan creation so that there is a natural break to watch the “Queen’s Christmas Broadcast to the Commonwealth” while enjoying a nice glass of bubbly, with your solid shutters closed creating a warm and festive ambience. I can smell the turkey from here!

And with that lovely idea playing in my mind, all that is left is for the team at Purely Shutters to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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