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How to decorate your home using bold wallpaper designs

It’s official – wallpaper is back in fashion and believe it or not, the bolder the better according to this article in the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/interiors/home/six-stylish-wallpapers-2018/.

Because we’ve become so used to decorating our homes with neutral colours and conservative designs making the transition to a more daring décor can feel quite scary. However, if you’re keen to make the transition but aren’t quite sure where to start, below are some great ideas for decorating your home using bold wallpaper designs.

Start smallshutterstock_760951681

Wallpapering your entire lounge with the boldest design you can find, probably won’t end well. When it comes to this trend, it’s wise to start with small areas and then expand as you get used to it.

Try wallpapering a room you use occasionally or just a small area such as wherever you have open shelving. This will be less of a shock initially and over time you can expand the wallpapered areas of your home. An added benefit of starting with a small space is that if you decide you prefer a different design later on, it’s not such a big job to change.

Decide where you’re going to wallpaper

You have many different options when you’re working with wallpaper. If you choose to cover all four walls, a classic horizontal stripe design helps to create a fresh and contemporary look that won’t overwhelm the room.

If you choose a really bold design for your wallpaper, you’re better off creating a feature wall so the décor doesn’t become overwhelming. This is also the preferable option if you already have a great feature in the room such as window shutters which you don’t want to detract from.

Flat versus textured wallpaper

Whether you decide to choose a flat or textured design really comes down to personal style. Textured wallpapers can help to give dimension and they also do a great job of covering imperfections. Some textured wallpapers are also paintable if you want to unleash your inner creativity and make your own design.

With flat wallpapers, you have the option of fine detailing and embellishments such as metallic, gloss or mica effects. Flat designs can make a wall more refined and are well suited to those who are looking for a bolder look.

Break it up shutterstock_1173155482

One of the best ways to ensure that your bold wallpaper design works well is to incorporate lots of visual breaks so it’s not overwhelming. Big mirrors, lighter-coloured furnishings, a headboard and cupboards are all great ways to balance out a busy design to make it easier on the eye.

Create a mural

If you’re ready to take the plunge, murals are a very trendy way of incorporating wallpaper into your home in a big way. Whether you dream of sleeping in a rainforest or want a view of the deep blue sky, these wall designs can really help you to create a story.

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