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Designs for open-plan living

Many interior design trends have come and gone over the years but one that continues to stand the test of time is open-plan living.

It’s more sociable, it’s a great way to make smaller spaces look bigger, it lets more light in, it’s perfect for entertaining and you can enjoy views of the great outdoors regardless of whether you’re cooking, eating or sitting in front of the TV.

Below we share some great ways you can incorporate open-plan living into your home.

Have separate zones

Even with open-plan living, you still need designated areas for cooking, eating, working and relaxing. There are subtle ways you can help segregate certain areas such as adding a desk to your study area or a corner sofa to the lounge (have the side of the sofa facing outwards rather than against a wall). Even subtle additions such as a rug or different artwork can help distinguish between different zones.


Gone are the days where cooking and living areas in a shared space have to be divided with an awkward strip of linoleum in the kitchen followed by carpet in the sitting area.

Don’t be afraid to use just one type of flooring throughout. If it needs to be practical, use wood or stone and add rugs for comfort in the living areas. As well as looking incredibly stylish, it saves you a lot of hassle when it comes to laying down the flooring.


It’s much harder to heat one large room than it is several smaller rooms so bear this in mind when designing your open-plan living space. Underfloor heating is an ideal solution. As well as helping to keep your home nice and warm, it also enables you to remove radiators to free up wall space and create a seamless look. If you’re considering underfloor heating, visit Ovoenergy who have a great article on the pros and cons:


Connect with the great outdoors

You can optimise your open-plan living space by designing it to flow seamlessly with your garden. You can do this by choosing a scheme that complements your garden and colour-matching internal floors with external decking.

Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling patio doors are another fantastic addition. Not only do they look fantastic, they can make your home look so much bigger and brighter thanks to all the natural light that will be able to enter.

What about privacy?

One of the downsides of open-plan living is the lack of privacy. This may be an issue if you need more secluded areas of the home to work or study or if your property is overlooked by the neighbours.

There are a couple ways you can overcome the privacy issues associated with open-plan living. Broken-plan is a new concept we’re starting to see more of. It allows you to keep all the good points of open-plan living but with some areas of partitioning to create more private areas. Solid shutters are a great way to add a room divider which can be opened and closed very easily as and when required.

Another option is to have shutters installed on your windows. This will allow you to continue to let in as much light as you wish without having to compromise on privacy because nobody on the outside will be able to see in.

For more great ideas, head over to Love Property – https://www.loveproperty.com/gallerylist/70546/39-design-secrets-for-successful-open-plan-living

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