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Do plantation shutters make your home safer?

Plantation Shutters add elegance and style to any room, but as well as being aesthetically pleasing, shutters have many more practical benefits. From reducing noise pollution to controlling the light in a room, from helping reduce allergies to being very easy to clean, shutters really are a practical and beautiful addition to any home.

But as well as all of the above, plantation shutters also have another great benefit. They offer an additional layer of security protection for your home, and for many of us protecting our homes, loved ones and possessions is a top priority.

There are many security measures you can and should put in place to protect your home such as making sure your windows have locks and your door locks are installed with mortice deadlocks. CCTV and motion sensitive lights are also great burglar deterrents. There are also lots of inexpensive measures you can put in place such as making sure your doors and windows are not left open, fitting a chain or latch to your front door, planting spiky bushes underneath accessible windows and keeping valuable items and car keys out of full sight. And for that extra measure, why not install shutters around your home.

Here are some great reasons of why adding plantation shutters to your home may help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Installing plantation shutters on your windows, especially on the ground floor, will help deter a burglar simply because it is another layer of protection that they will have to circumnavigate. Many burglaries are opportunistic in nature and so the more you can do to put deterrents in place, the more likely it is that a burglar will move on if they think your property looks too challenging.

Although curtains do offer privacy when drawn, it makes the property look like it may have been left empty when curtains are left drawn during the day.   Plantation Shutters offer a more effective solution as the louvres can be part closed, meaning a burglar cannot see in but the house doesn’t look closed up.

Many people leave their Patio or French windows without a window dressing as they can’t find anything to fit as they are so big. As mentioned in our previous blog (Window Shutters for French and Patio Doors), large expanses of glass can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable especially at night-time. Shutters, however, are a wonderful solution for large French and Patio Doors that will not only help keep your home safe from prying eyes, but will also add a timeless elegance to your room. Why not read more about our tracked shutters or tier-on-tier shutters by following the links.

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