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Five ways to increase window privacy

If any of the rooms in your home are overlooked, you no doubt worry about your privacy. It’s unlikely that you want to keep your curtains closed all the time however so how do you ensure that people can’t see into your property?


Frosted window film gives a smart, contemporary finish both inside and out and it provides greater privacy without compromising on too much light. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to see out the parts of the window which have been frosted.



Blinds are a popular window dressing because they allow you to let in light while maintaining your privacy when the slats are adjusted accordingly. The drawbacks are that unless you’re willing to invest in an expensive set of blinds, they can look cheap. If you have children or pets, there can also be safety concerns because of the cords which dangle down.


If you have a room in your house which is at street level or if even the upper floor is overlooked by your neighbours, curtains can of course provide excellent privacy. The drawback is however that if you need to close your curtains during the day, you won’t be able to let in any daylight. Not only is natural light important for our mental and physical health, turning your lights off will help you save money.


Mirror films

Tinted and mirror films allow you to see out of your window from a particular angle while other views are frosted so that people can’t see in. The benefit of this is that the films are removable if you only need a temporary solution or if you decide that you don’t like them. Be careful if using this product on double glazed windows however as they can interfere with the solar properties of the unit and cause the glass to crack.

Plantation shutters

Plantation window shutters have become incredibly popular in recent years and it’s not hard to see why this is. They’re elegant, modern and can completely transform a room both from the inside and the outside. Crucially however, they also offer the ultimate privacy. Simply adjust the slats according to how much natural light you want to let in and nobody will be able to see into your home.

Shutters can seem like a costly investment and while they are more expensive than curtains or blinds, they’re well worth it in the long run. They are fantastic heat insulators which can dramatically help to reduce your heating bills in the winter and as they’re becoming increasingly desirable, they can even help to increase the value of your home.

Another benefit of plantation shutters is the peace of mind they give you if you have children or pets. You don’t have to worry about them being able to pull the railings down, dirty and greasy hand prints can easily be wiped off and there are no dangerous cords to contend with. Another great benefit for pet owners is that shutters don’t accumulate hair the way that fabric does and mischievous cats can’t climb them either.

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