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Roundup: The Most Epic Construction Fails

Even the best of us make mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes are worse than others.

In construction, there’s not much room for error. So when a mistake is made, it sticks out pretty badly. Take a look at the most epic of construction failures. We’ve rounded up the best ones just for you.

Going Nowhere

stairs leading to dead ends

Nothing is more frustrating than when you think you know where you’re going only to hit a dead end. It looks like a few people will be experiencing that exact frustration when they try to climb these staircases to nowhere.


Almost There


How often do you find yourself grasping for something that’s just barely out of reach? You’ll find a whole new appreciation for the phrase, “So close but so far away,” after you’ve seen these two fails.


Does This Go Here?

badly positioned fixtures

There is one important rule of thumb when picking a place for a permanent fixture: you have to pick the spot carefully, because once it’s there, there’s no going back.


Shudder to think…

window shutters too small for window

These two construction fails hit a little too close to home. Whip out your tape measurer before you start building, guys.


Let’s See What’s Behind Door #3

doors in weird places

The next time you open a door, take a quick look before you stride on through. We’re still holding out hope that there’s some kind of logical explanation for these seemingly huge fails.


Lounging on the Balcony

These balconies look like great spots to kick back, relax, and enjoy a cold beverage. We’ll just have to figure out how to get to them.

badly positioned balconies


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