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How to keep your house warm this winter

December 2020 has bought with it an unusually cold spell of weather and although it’s turning slightly warmer now, it’s a stark reminder that winter really is here. If you’ve struggled to keep your home warm over the past week or so, here are some simple top tips to prepare you for the next cold snap of weather.

Open your shutters

Installing wooden window shutters adds an extra layer of insulation to protect your home from the cold. Keeping your plantation shutters closed during the evening is a great way to shut out the long, cold dark evenings as well as keeping the heat in and blocking out any unwanted draughts. But make sure you do open them during the day where possible. Opening your shutters will allow daylight to come into your rooms and as heat from the sun is a free natural resource why not use it when you can. Sunlight naturally heats up a room, helping to keep chills at bay during the day.

Furniture placement

It’s important to ensure we make the most of the space we have in our homes. Feeling cramped can really hinder our mental health so ensuring your home feels roomy by utilising the space will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. This year we have all spent more time at home and if you have repositioned furniture to create more space now may be a good time to check you haven’t blocked radiators off. Furniture like a sofa or a bed positioned in front of a radiator will easily stop a room heating up as the heat will just be absorbed by the piece of furniture. Move items away from radiators to let the hot air circulate freely so you get the most from your heat source.

Thermostat control

If you only have one thermostat that controls your heating it can be difficult to balance the heat around your home. One simple tip is to turn your heating on and then set the radiator valve in the rooms you use to a comfortable level and then lower the valve levels in the rooms you don’t use. This will avoid heating rooms unnecessarily and wasting money. You can also save money on your energy bills by simply reducing the temperature on your thermostat by 1°C.

Nook’s and Cranny’s

If you feel draughts around your home there may be a few small gaps or cracks that are letting the cold air in. Common places that people tend to overlook are things like letterboxes, loft hatches and keyholes. Small gaps like this may not seem like they are worth checking, but they can make a difference. Installing draught strips around your loft hatch frame will stop any unwanted chills from your roof entering your home. Installing brushes or a second flap in your letter box will keep the warm air in and for key holes you can fit a purpose-made cover that consists of a metal disc that slides over the key hole to stop cold air penetrating in.

If you would like to find our more about our range of window shutters and how they can help keep your home warm this winter, get in touch today.

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