Keeping your home bug-free in the summer

12Most of us love the summer months and while the warmer temperatures, longer evenings and sunny days are great, the heat does unfortunately encourage some unwelcome guests to enter our homes.

As very few properties in the UK are fitted with air conditioning, we tend to leave our windows open which means that we’re all familiar with flies, wasps, ants and other bugs invading our properties at this time of year.


Although it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to completely eliminate this problem, the good news is that you can dramatically reduce it.

Bug repellents

 Spraying bug repellent around the home is the obvious solution. If you’re not keen on the smell or your worried about exposing your family and pets to the chemicals in these sprays, there are some great natural alternatives you can use as well. Visit https://wellnessmama.com for some great ideas.

Bugs hate the smell of mint, rosemary, lemongrass, geraniums and anything containing Citronella oil. Simply place a couple of these plants around the home and it should help to ward off those pesky insects.

Another great tip is to entice bug-eating birds to your garden. A number of songbirds love the taste of suet cakes and by adding a birdhouse, you’re encouraging them to stay. Not only do you get your very own pest management system, you get to listen to the relaxing sound of birds chirping in your garden.

Check your pets

 We all know our pets love to roll around in the grass and dirt which may be great fun for them but it’s also a very easy way for bugs to catch a free ride into your home. Try to get into the habit of checking your pet every time they’ve been outside and remember to treat them with tick and flea prevention because once these bugs have entered your home, they’re very difficult to get rid of (https://www.pets4homes.co.uk)

Protect your windows

 It’s very easy for bugs to enter our properties in the summer because we often have our windows open. If your home is particularly prone to infestations, it may be worth installing window screens so you can get some fresh air without worrying about insects flying in.

If you would like something more aesthetically pleasing, window shutters are another great way to reduce the likelihood of insects making their way inside. With a smaller opening for bugs to crawl or fly into, especially when the slats are closed, you should notice fewer insects around your home.


Eliminate any food sources

 If you don’t want bugs in your house, it’s essential to remove any tempting food sources. Keep fruit in the fridge or covered up, wipe up any spillages immediately, empty the bin regularly and wash up those dirty dishes as soon as you’ve used them.

Seal any potential entry points

 While it’s almost impossible to prevent the odd insect finding its way into your home, if you’re regularly faced with infestations despite your best efforts, try to identify if there are any hidden entry points.

Caulk around window frames, plumbing pipes and dryer vents, repair any cracks in mortar and install door sweeps if there’s a big gap between the bottom of your door and the floor.

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