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Dreaded Daffodils

yellow daffodils

It is spring at last.  The snowdrops have been out for a good few weeks, a blaze of colour is promised from the dozens of crocus bulbs I painstakingly planted last autumn and there is the slightest hint of warmth in the air.

I should be “over the moon” with joy, but I’m not, I feel more like a teenage who has an exam looming for which they have not studied! For after the crocuses have arrived, it is the turn of the daffodils. Daffs seem to last forever in my world as I am allergic to them.

Generally speaking, daffodils are considered “allergy-friendly,” since these heralds of spring with their showy yellow flowers are generally pollinated by insects rather than the wind. As daffodils produce less pollen, and symptoms such as allergic rhino-conjunctivitis and asthma aren’t commonly associated with them. So, to be honest, I am not sure if it is actually daffodils that I am allergic to, or some sort of airborne pollen/allergen which arrives just as the daffs burst into life. Yet it is a family joke now.  As soon as the daffodils start to bloom I will look like panda bear if I dare to wear mascara.

Surprisingly, perhaps, Hay Fever and “daffodil-it is” were part of the reason that I became attracted to shutters in the first place.  When I was younger, a friend of mine had a house with beautiful plantation shutters and parquet flooring.  It was stunning. There was not a curtain in sight because her brother had very severe asthma. When I went to play at their house I didn’t seem to sneeze at all. Unlike fabric curtains, window shutters can help to reduce the impact of dust and pollen allergies in the home as they are extremely easy to clean. Simply vacuum the louvre slats to remove any dust or pollen forming on the shutters.

If your shutters are coated or painted, dampen a cleaning cloth in soapy water (a very mild detergent is perfect for this), and clean the louvres and shutter frame once a month. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the soapy residue. It’s important NOT to use any heavy detergents or bleach as this may damage the shutters! In addition, if your shutters are made from timber, apply a little bit of wood polish to a dusting cloth once a month and go over the louvres and the frame of the shutters to give them a more thorough clean.

daffodil field

For the sake of clarity if you suffer from any form of allergy, you need to get expert medical advice. Shutters on their own will not cure you from your affliction. However, those who do suffer from airborne allergens will find that shutters are a better option than fabric based window dressings which tend to trap more dust and pollen.

If you are interested in our wonderful range of Solid Shutters, please do contact one of our surveyors. They would be delighted to discuss the benefits of our range, especially for those who do have allergies.


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