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Upcycled Window Shutters Become Unique Decorations

Crafting can be a fun, stress-relieving hobby for many people. It can even be environmentally friendly – turning what was previously trash into a gorgeous item that brightens your home.

One item that has this sort of potential is more common than you think – window shutters. Whether salvaged from a bin or bought from a secondhand store, there are many, many projects that you can do to upcycle them. Become inspired from a few of our ideas below! 

Coat Rack Shelf

This project uses three shutters – two for the back of the coat rack, and one to form the shelf. Beautiful brackets on the sides add support and accent the design. Keep in mind that depending on where you hang this in your home, you will need to use different types of paint. If it will be in your living areas, paint it with satin or matte paint to match the colors of the room. If you plan to use it near or in a bathroom area, use semi-gloss, satin, or gloss mildew-resistant paint for moisture resistance. When buying brackets, hooks, and paint at your local DIY store be sure to inquire about weight capacity of the hooks.

Coat rack shelf made from shutters  

Photo by Ken Whytock

 Floral Privacy Screen

Privacy screens can be used in bathrooms to add a bit of interesting flair and creativity. Alternatively, it can wrapped around items that you wish to hide from immediate view (such as bins). They can even be used, depending on size, in corners to accent curio nooks or toiletry displays.

 This particular shutter utilizes the Donna Dewberry painting technique for the flowers, and is painted in a satin, mildew resistant egg white for the base. (Tutorials in this are available via book or DVD, such as Donna Dewberry’s Big Book of Decorative Painting: A Complete Guide to One-Stroke Tips & Techniques).

Floral Privacy Screen made Purely from shutters  

Photo by Southern Lady’s Vintage

Wall Organiser

An ingenious way to organise, or for use as a display piece, this project is quite simple to pull off. A light-colored stain or vibrant paint can be used on a plain wooden shutter to match your current décor. Use drawing pins to fasten twine to either side, and miniature clothespins (available from many craft stores) to hold your photos, notes, or reminders in place.

  Shutter images

Photo by Krissy Venosdale

 Pop Art for Your Wall

A bit of a more advanced project than the others, this idea is to paint amusing, modern artwork onto the shutters. Afterward, mount them on the wall like any other painting. A quirky and funky centerpiece for any living area, this project is sure to create interest and spark conversation.

Shutter Pop art for your wall   

Photo by Cyndy Sims Parr

Beach Cottage Decoration

Tons of extra seashells from your last beach trip? Super or hot glue them onto a painted shutter, and add beach-themed accents like netting, rope, or even some sand. For an added beautiful touch, paint a seascape as a background before gluing on your shells.

 Beach Cottage decoration for shutters

Quad Art

If you happen to come across a shutter with four squares, consider upcycling it as a beautiful quad “canvas”. Pick out a color to match the theme of the room where it will be displayed, and then pick out items that will go well with the décor. In this example, an African theme is used in a room with a blue stucco wall, and is painted to co-ordinate the savannah yellow color.

 Quad art made from shutters

 It doesn’t matter which type of project you try for, with a little bit of inspiration and effort, you too can make a beautifully created DIY project.


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