Solid Panel Shutters

Solid shutters in a modern living room with white and yellow colour tones .
Solid wooden shutters in a chic bedroom in grey and white tones.
Solid bedroom shutters in a natural colour complementing a chic bedroom interior design.
Solid full-height window shutters with narrow white panels.
Closed solid full-height window shutters in white colour with narrow panels.
Details of a full height shutter with solid shutter lower tier and cafe style shutter upper tier.

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are the most traditional application of shutters and they offer near black out whilst also giving you fantastic heat insulation, noise reduction and increased security.

Our Solid shutters are available in our Clifton Hardwood range and are fashioned from Paulownia wood throughout. Choose from our range of painted and stained finishes and go for narrow panels so they fold back neatly when you open them during the day.

Why choose solid shutters?

Solid shutters offer a stunning style to interiors, lending to a classically beautiful design. Popular during the Georgian and Victorian periods, this timeless window dressing is given a modern makeover to suit almost any interior style.

Aesthetics aside, they are super practical for windows overlooking bustling streets. If you’re seeking maximum privacy and near blackout light control, these quality solid wood shutters are great choice. Solid panel shutters are a must have for busy neighbourhoods due to their effectiveness in minimising outside noise and keeping your interiors feeling cosy and intimate.



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