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How To Stop Energy Costs From Sneaking Out Your Windows

Homeowners have been rejoicing – with the difficulty of the economy right now, saving money has become a priority for many. The source of their joy? With home energy efficiency improvements, especially to their windows, they have been able to save large amounts on their energy bills. However, replacement windows aren’t the only thing that can save you money on your own bills. Simple window treatments can save you up to fifty percent on your energy costs, and provide you with a more comfortable home environment as well. In fact, many window treatments can pay for themselves in as little time as two years.

Most homeowners know the simple tricks for saving money on their energy bills, like unplugging “vampire” electronics, or using weather stripping on doors, and even using CFL bulbs instead of fluorescent ones. What surprises them though, is just how large of a difference their own windows can make, with a few treatments, or even depending on what type of window they use. However, they wrongly think that any improvements they’d make would be expensive and time-consuming. Not in the least. Many window treatments are surprisingly effortless, and effective, for such a large amount of savings in both energy and financial. For example, a simple tree can be used to help reduce your energy bill, with some smart foreplanning on its location.

Whether your home loses heat and gets cold in the winter, or heats up into a sauna in the summer, utilising the proper window treatment can change your home’s temperature, and subsequently your energy costs, dramatically. Equally important though, is making sure that you choose the right window treatment for you, your home, and one that complements the climate that you live in.

Check out the infographic below for some interesting and helpful facts about window treatments, with statistics and savings information that will benefit your wallet.

How To Stop Energy Costs From Sneaking Out Your Windows

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The infrared image shows how heat escapes through the roof and windows of your home.

4 Ways WIndows Impact Heating and Cooling Costs


  • Sun shining through windows heats up your home, increasing cooling costs
  • Windows “leak” heat inside, increasing cooling costs


  • Sun shining through your windows heats up your home, decreasing your heating costs
  • Windows “leak” heat outside, increasing cooling costs

3 Strategies for Maximising Winter Sun, While Minimising Summer Sun

  • Angles – awnings block summer sun to reduce cooling costs…while allowing warm sunlight to shine in during winter, reducing heating costs!
  • Trees – a deciduous tree blocks sunlight in summer and shades your home. In winter, the leaves fall allowing winter sunlight through to warm your house.
  • Adjustable – adjustable shutters allow you to control just how much sunlight you let into your home.

How Different Window Treatments Save you Money on your Utility Bill

  • Awnings reduce summer heat gain by up to 77%
  • Blinds reduce summer gain by up to 45%
  • Drapes reduce summer heat gain by up to 30%
  • And can reduce winter heat loss by 10-25%
  • Reflective film blocks summer heat gain, making them more suitable for hot climates
  • Storm panels, mainly used in hurricane-prone areas, can also reduce winter heat loss by up to 50%
  • Similarly, rolling shutters (aka hurricane shutters) can reduce heat loss by up to 50%

If energy-efficient shutters were installed in every home in America, we could potentially reduce our annual energy consumption by 270 million barrels of oil. That’s like getting 22% more mileage on every car on the road today.

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