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How to keep a conservatory cool in the summer

You can’t go far in the UK at the moment without hearing the term “heatwave”. Certain parts of the UK have even seen temperatures exceed 40 degrees! And while nobody is saying that this kind of heat will be a regular occurrence, it’s now accepted as scientific fact that the world is getting hotter. In…

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Keep your house cool with shutters

Summer is in full swing, and with it comes barbeques, long days, short nights, al fresco dining and, of course, the summer sun. While the extreme heat may be a fleeting feature of the British summer, the mercury can rise into the high-20s and early-30s. These high temperatures are particularly impactful in a country where…

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How to pair shutters with curtains

We’ve heard it before. You have curtains but they’ve still got a few years in them. Or maybe they’re quite new, you love them, and you just need that little something extra to round off the look of your windows. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. We would never ask you to get rid of…

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Can Shutters Help Reduce Noise?

Fewer things can be more disruptive to the daily routine than excessive noise, as we have all experienced tenfold in recent years! Spending more time at home has emphasised how distracting noisy neighbours and busy roads can be to our sleep, work, and enjoying time with family and friends. So what’s the best solution to…

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Saving Energy with Shutters

With energy bills on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to ease the hefty cost of those pesky monthly payments. While it won’t be a surprise to hear that insulating the home helps to soften the blow of these periodic expenses, just what steps exactly can be taken to help make your home more…

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Optimising Windows All Year Long with Shutters

Summer being upon us means barbecues, long evenings, walks in the park, al fresco dining and of course, the much missed sun. Whilst summer is a great time for most people, the only downside is that with very few houses boasting air conditioning, the only option is to leave windows open which can be a…

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Shutters for Kitchen Windows

When it comes to dressing your kitchen windows, there are a lot of factors to consider! Being the hub of delicious meals and a conversational cuppa comes with its complications, as cooking environments are a constant output of heat, moisture, and smells. Decorating the space can be a tightrope walk between fashion and function, as…

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Autumn Home Styling Tips

Redecorating your home can be a daunting task. Choosing the right colours, matching the accessories, and even buying the right type of furniture to suit not only your home but your individual taste and style of living, there are many decisions to make. If you’re planning a makeover for your home this Autumn here are…

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Halloween Garden Ideas from Purely Shutters

It’s that wonderful time of year where leaves are falling, bonfires are burning, and Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner. After the year we’ve all had many of us are embracing the things that we have missed with more gusto than normal. So, if you’re planning to celebrate Halloween this year why…

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Are plantation shutters good for home security?

Plantation shutters are timeless, classic, and elegant and are an unrivalled window dressing. But as well as being a beautiful addition to any home, plantation shutters have many other wonderful benefits. From giving a home privacy when and where it’s needed most, to helping to reduce noise pollution around your home, from adding instant kerb…

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Are plantation shutters good for blackout?

Plantation shutters have been around for many years and were originally created to help keep out the elements. Nowadays, shutters are installed in homes for a variety of reasons be that for their classic, elegant looks, helping to reduce noise pollution or because they are really helpful at keeping dust at bay for allergen sufferers….

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What is the best material for shutters?

If you are considering installing window shutters in your home, you’ll want to be certain that the type of wood you choose perfectly matches your home, your style of living and your budget. Here at Purely Shutters we offer a range of shutter materials and styles to ensure we can match your needs, regardless of…

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How to improve your patio with Purely Shutters

Living in a pandemic has shown many of us how important it is to get outdoors. Bringing nature into our lives can really benefit both out mental and physical wellbeing, helping to improve our mood as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Regardless of whether you have a small patio or large…

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