Best Houseplants for Around Your Home

Plants are a great cost-efficient way to spruce up your home and inject a bit of life and colour into your interior. They have also become a hugely popular trend in recent years, with #houseplanttok garnering over a whopping 92 million posts on TikTok! But with the plethora of houseplants to choose from, where does one begin? Here at Purely Shutters, we’ve curated a guide of our favourite houseplants for around your home, based on their maintenance and longevity. 

White bay window shutters contrasting with a blue wall in a living room.

Aloe Vera 

Our first pick of the best houseplants you could choose has got to be the super low-maintenance aloe vera plant. Not only is it very easy to care for, only requiring a water once or twice a week, but it also has many health benefits, making it essential for the home. It does however love a sunny spot, so make sure to place it right on your windowsill where it’s able to soak up the light. With our shutters, you can ensure that the slats are positioned for optimal sun-soaking potential!  

Snake Plant 

The Snake Plant, or by its proper name, the Sansevieria, is one of the best plants for improving air quality indoors. In fact, it is said that it is incredibly effective at purifying air and removing harmful toxins that naturally build up within the home, through its release of oxygen during the night. What makes the snake plant even more suited as a houseplant is that it happily be neglected and doesn’t require too much upkeep, just make sure to water it at least once a week! 

White shutters in a small study bay window.

Peace Lily 

The Peace Lily is our third pick, and very similar to our previous two, is a lovely low-maintenance plant that purifies the indoor air and improves our general well-being overall. They flourish in bright, indirect sunlight, where they will happily bloom, making them an ideal centre piece for your living room or kitchen. Bright, indirect sunlight plus our wide range of shutters equals a perfect living environment for the peace lily – no wonder they’re a household favourite!  

Devil’s Ivy 

This household plant is the one for those of you who tend to forget to care for your plants. The pothos, otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy, is arguably the easiest plants to grow, and incredibly adaptable to its surroundings. They are a fast-growing plant, meaning your home will radiate serenity and greenery in no time, yet with zero effort. It thrives in pretty much any environment, making it a great addition to your home office or a room with solid panel shutters, all whilst improving your indoor air quality and making your working environment cleaner.  

white kitchen shutters

Our Purely Promise 

Incorporating houseplants into your home doesn’t only add a touch of life and vibrancy, but also contributes to a much healthier indoor environment. Each plant has its own unique benefit, but one thing that they all have in common is that they’re a great addition to every home, and suit everyone’s lifestyle.  

With our shutters providing the perfect setting for optimal sunlight and ambience depending on your personal preference, creating a green living space has never been easier. These houseplants are sure to breathe new life into your home.  

If you’re interested in getting some brand-new window shutters to go with a houseplant why not arrange a free home survey appointment with Purely Shutters today!

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