The Benefits Shutters Provide All Year-Round

At Purely Shutters, you won’t be too surprised to know we passionately believe that shutters are the perfect window dressing option for any home. This belief is so strong because we are aware of the multiple benefits that plantation shutters provide. Shutters provide benefits all year-round throughout any home interior. So, with that being said, let’s examine all those benefits. 

White cafe-style tier-on-tier shutters in a rustic living room with a fireplace.

What are the benefits of shutters in warmer months? 

During the warmer months of the year, we all want window dressings that can help cool down interior spaces. One of the main benefits of shutters in the summer is that they can help to trap in cooler air. You can close the panels of louvered shutters when windows are open to make sure cold air can’t escape the room.  

Not only do shutters help to better regulate the temperature in your home during the summer months, they also help to protect your furnishings. Over time if furnishings are exposed regularly to the warm sun, it can cause some damage. However, with shutters, you can operate the moveable slats to ensure that furnishings are not under direct sunlight throughout the day. 

What are the benefits of shutters in colder months? 

kitchen shutters

Another well-documented benefit of shutters is that they help regulate room temperature during the colder winter months. When you put your heating on during the winter, the last thing you want is for the heat generated to be lost from the room as soon as it has been turned off. With plantation shutters, you can ensure better insulation by closing all the slats to trap the heat within a room and prevent it from escaping. 

In winter perhaps the biggest benefit that window shutters provide is that they can help you save on energy costs. Our shutters are made-to-measure and that means they will cover any awkwardly shaped windows that might cause draughts. This means that heat can be trapped in for longer. You can therefore avoid needing to put the heater on again as quickly as you might have to do with other window dressings.  

The All Year-Round Benefits of Shutters 

As well as the more seasonal benefits that plantation shutters provide, other benefits can be felt all year-round. Shutters are a classic window dressing for a reason. That is because they are versatile, highly functional, and styled to suit any interior design taste.  

White cafe style window shutters behind seating area

At Purely Shutters, we have a range of shutter styles and colour options available. This means that whether you have a more modern taste or prefer a traditional look, plantation shutters can be designed to fit perfectly into your home interior.  

Some window dressings like blinds can be very difficult to maintain and clean. This is not a problem with shutters. Shutters are easy to dust due to their shape and because you can open and close the slats. It is also easy to wipe down shutters using domestic cleaning products. 

Finally, shutters also provide the benefits of offering maximum privacy and light control throughout the year. For example, for someone who has a living room that overlooks a busy street, shutter slats can be opened to let light into the room without compromising privacy. 

Take the next step 

If we have inspired you to invest in shutters why not book a free appointment with our shutter specialists today? As we’ve discussed in this blog, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the benefits once your new window dressings are installed.  

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