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Plantation Shutters: The best for Insulation

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It is no secret that we love shutters. Sometimes, in our efforts to provide our customers with titbits and advice on interior design solutions and the latest trends, we forget to blow our own trumpet. Yet as the mercury plummets over the Northern Hemisphere and we reach for our scarves and mittens, there is a benefit about shutters which you may find rather surprising.

Plantation Shutters provide suburb heat insulation: In reports and surveys, well-fitting Wooden Plantation Shutters were found to provide extremely efficient insulation against the cold. Tests in Scotland by Edinburgh World Heritage have proven that they can aid the reduction of heat loss far more effectively than thick curtains.

In support of these tests, the American Energy Department has been releasing ideas to improve thermal insulation in their homes, siting Wooden Shutters high on their list of energy efficient home improvements.

When the shutters are closed and the louvres down, shutters provide an additional air pocket for insulation by virtue of the timber barrier. In winter this keeps the heat in and of course this reduces heating bills.

The perfect window treatment for allergy sufferers: An occasional quick wipe down will keep them clean. Dust does not collect on shutters in the same manner it does in fabric curtains and blinds. A build-up of dust can become a breeding ground for dust mites.

The bespoke solution for interesting windows: Due to their bespoke nature, shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape from arch, circle, hexagonal or simple rectangles.  They do not need additional, unsightly poles and once installed, they do not need to be removed for cleaning.

Light control: At this time of year the sun is very low in the sky. We love the light it offers but the glare can cause problems, unless you have Plantation Shutters. By adjusting the louvres, the light is directed away for people’s eyes, without compromising the light in the room.

Sound insulation: When the shutters are closed and the louvres are down, the gap between the window and wood creates a sound barrier. In addition, wood also absorbs sound so therefore shutters provide additional privacy from external noise.

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Low maintenance: Compared to more traditional window coverings, interior shutters require very little maintenance. Rather than having “naked windows” for day, or fears about shrinking fabrics at the dry cleaners, plantation shutters need a quick wipe down with a cloth and that’s it.

Curb appeal: Interior Plantation Shutters are now a highly desired window dressing. They create an atmosphere of opulence, hiding older window frames or even PVC frames in an elegant surrounding. This could, potentially increase the value of your property, simply because they are beautiful.

We have a wonderful range of colours and styles to choose from, in a wide variety of woods and finishes – so why not take a look and imagine how wonderful your home would look and feel, using Purely Shutters bespoke service.

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