Are Plantation Shutters Good for Insulation?

Blue plantation shuttersIt’s no secret that we love shutters for their beauty and elegance, but do our shutters keep the heat in your home? Sometimes, in our efforts to provide our customers with titbits and advice on interior design solutions and the latest trends, we forget to blow our own trumpet. Yet as the mercury plummets over the Northern Hemisphere and we reach for our scarves and mittens, there is a benefit about shutters which you may find rather surprising. 

Plantation shutters provide effective insulation

In reports and surveys, well-fitting Wooden Plantation Shutters were found to provide extremely efficient insulation against the cold. But do shutters insulate better than blinds or curtains? Well, tests in Scotland by Edinburgh World Heritage have proven that they can aid the reduction of heat loss far more effectively than thick curtains. And due to the inherent gaps created by the design of free-hanging blinds, shutters insulation is the best solution for your windows. 

In support of these tests, the American Energy Department has been releasing ideas to improve thermal insulation in their homes, sitting Wooden Shutters high on their list of energy efficient home improvements.

Essentially, our wooden insulated shutters are hugely impactful at providing a thermal window dressing and keeping your home warm in the winter! That’s not to say that you’ll be sweltering in warmer months – the louvred design of our plantation shutters allows consistent airflow when the slats are opened.

Can shutters save money on energy bills?

When the shutters are closed and the louvres down, shutters provide an additional air pocket for insulation by virtue of the timber barrier. In winter this keeps the heat in and of course this reduces heating bills. With our shutters being made to measure, the precise fit of the window treatment prevents heat escaping through the cracks, creating a sort of ‘shutter insulation’. Rather than rendering your radiators obsolete, plantation shutters work in tandem with your heating system to maintain the temperature of the space.

Plenty of heat can escape through windows when not insulated properly, and even with double glazing you could still be losing heat. By opting for a window treatment with the frame fitted to your window, you can prevent wasted energy, in turn saving you money in the long run!

Bespoke shutters for draughty windows

Due to their bespoke nature, shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape from arch, circle, hexagonal or simple rectangles! And as we custom make DIY shutters to order, you can be sure of a perfect fit! These insulated shutters create a barrier layer close to the window, minimising heat loss. 

We also have a range of beautiful solid wood shutters that are great for insulating windows. Rather than slatted louvred shutters, this style offers panels of quality solid wood with minimal gaps, stopping heat from leaking straight out the window, making them one of the best styles for insulation. So in answer to the question, ‘do shutters keep heat in?’ – yes, they absolutely do!

We have a wonderful range of colours and styles to choose from, in a wide variety of woods and finishes – so imagine how stunning your home would be with Purely Shutters’ bespoke shutters.

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