For bespoke coloured shutters, come to Purely Shutters

The beauty of colourful shutters is that they look fantastic in any house, regardless of the style of your property.

Installing plantation shutters will instantly transform your home into something truly special. But if you’re really looking for something a little different that truly adds that wow factor, why not try one of our bespoke shutter colours?

Bathroom shutters in blue with a blue free standing bathtub and modern decor.

Here at Purely Shutters, we’re delighted to announce that we can provide a bespoke colouring service. We can match any colour swatch, Farrow & Ball (https://www.farrow-ball.com), Fired Earth (www.firedearth.com/) and Dulux Trade Palette colour. What’s more, we also have a wide range of our very own shutter colours for you to choose from.

Irrespective of your own personal taste, budget or the style of your window or door openings, you will find the perfect colour for your solid or plantation shutters at Purely Shutters. Simply give us the name or a sample of the colour you would like and we will match it.

Why opt for coloured shutters?

White shutters are hugely popular for a number of reasons. They’re simple, elegant, timeless and will continue to complement the décor of your home even if you decide to have a re-design.

However, there are also lots of great benefits to opting for colourful shutters, such as:

  • It’s a great way to add a bit of colour to the exterior of your homeGreen bay window shutters in a living room with leafy wallpaper and a white sofa.
  • You can tailor your shutters to match your own unique style and taste
  • They can add some colour to conservatories
  • They inject a bit of fun and personality into your property
  • You may want your shutters to match your existing décor
  • A bit of colour looks great on bi-fold doors
  • There has been a growing trend for houseplants and shades of green can help to bring a fresh, outdoorsy feel to a room

Also, dark colours can look very striking but naturally, so few people want to paint their walls darker because it makes the room look smaller. You can add some contrast to your home without compromising on the feel of space by opting for dark shutters.

Decorating a child’s room can be tricky because their tastes can vary hugely as they get older. A great solution to this problem is to keep walls and flooring neutral and introduce colour via your window shutters. Softer pastel shades are great shutter colours in scenarios like this because they will work well with different room schemes over time and you don’t have to worry about being faced with a colour you don’t like after the kids move out.

If you’re nervous about coloured shutters, why not start with a small, discreet window at the back of your house or an internal door? This way you can get a feel for how it looks without committing to a colour scheme for your whole house.

You can be rest assured however that shutters have a classic timelessness that complement whichever colour scheme or design you choose for your room. To find out more about our bespoke coloured shutters service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or book a free home survey.

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