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How to create the perfect home office

Millions of Brits now work from home. For some people this means having the odd day away from the office but for those who are self-employed or live far away from work, this can be a full-time arrangement.

In order to ensure you remain productive when working from home, it’s important to have an area you can use as an office. Not only does this allow you to get the peace and quiet you need, it also helps get you into the mindset that you’re at work rather than at home.

Whether you’re new to remote working or this is something you’ve been doing for a long time but find you still struggle to get motivated, below are some great ideas for creating the perfect home office.


Be practical

If you search the hashtag #officegoals on Instagram, you will find no less than 63,000 incredibly inspirational, envy-inducing photos. Just because something looks great however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s practical. Bar stools may look stylish and take up less space for example but can you really sit on a chair which offers no back support all day?

Ensure your chair offers plenty of support and your desk is high enough so you don’t have to bend your head down too far when you’re looking at your monitor. Try to choose a desk that’s practical as well. Something with drawers is ideal because it offers extra storage without taking up additional floor space.

Make the most of any natural light

Natural light is important for so many reasons:

  • It gives us Vitamin D which keeps our bones strong and regulates our moods
  • It improves productivity and focus
  • It keeps our body clock in sync
  • It improves psychological wellbeing

To find out more about the benefits of natural light please follow the link:


Try to position your desk as close to a window as possible so you can make the most of the sun while it’s out. If you’re worried about glare on your screen, Wooden Window shutters are a fantastic solution. You can adjust the slats to let in as much light as you want without having to worry about the sun shining directly onto you.



Research has revealed that there’s a direct link between how cluttered our environment is and productivity. If you’re faced with a big mess every time you enter your office or it takes you about half an hour to find the document you need, that’s just going to stress you out, waste time and make you less productive.

Add some plants

To further improve the space you have, add some plants to your office. Not only can flowers help to make the place look great, studies have shown that they can go a long way when it comes to boosting productivity.

Many businesses have in fact started to incorporate plants into their office design because of the benefits they provide including:

  • People have been found to generate 15% more ideas when they’re sat in an office with plants
  • They can improve air quality and remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours
  • Plants can help to reduce noise levels in buildings by absorbing sounds and deflecting them. Perfect if you have young children running around the house
  • Being close to greenery makes us feel more at ease with our surroundings, we experience less stress when surrounded by plants and they can even help to improve our wellbeing. Find out more here – designtrends.com/arch-interior/office-design-trends-2017.html

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