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DIY – Urban Gardening with Recycled Items


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Grow your own vegetables, save money and save Mother Earth at the same time! Recycle old “junk” from around your house and create stylish, compact garden features that are perfect for any space.


Hang small buckets, pots or even old shoe holders onto a shutter to create an attractive display of herbs or flowers. If you’re using a wooden shutter, try adding a light stain to help tie the finished piece together with your existing décor.

Love the look of this hanging shutter garden? These are handmade by Elizabeth Kate and can be found at her Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElizabethKateDecor

Stapling landscaping fabric to the back of a plantation-style shutter creates a customizable, visually appealing planter that accommodates herbs, lettuces, strawberries, creeping perennials, succulents, and more.

Protip – if you set up a plantation shutter planter indoors, keep an absorbent mat underneath to catch any dripping water. 


Ladders can be transformed to create gorgeous tiered gardens. Repurpose old flower pots, watering cans, or even tin candle buckets for a quaint look!

Protip – when reusing old containers, make sure you put in drainage holes.

More Inspiration

Spruce up a boring wall with a combination of these upcycled planters.

Protip – repaint containers for a bright new look that coordinates with your current décor.

You’re limited only by your imagination. Practically anything can be upcycled into a garden! Birdcages, chairs, wine crates, boats and even license plates – plenty of unlikely items can be new life in an upcycled garden.

Want a license plate planter? https://erikrdavis.com can custom-make you one of these charming upcycled gardening planters.

Raised Bed Planters

Like this beautiful planter? It can be purchased https://rollingplanter.com

Raised bed planters make it easy to turn a little lumber into a viable garden – convenience and control all in one.

Protip – Wheels make for easy relocation in case you move to a new home or experience inclement weather.


A huge thanks to all the photographers who allowed us to use their images!




https://lilabdesign.com/portfolio/urban-spaces/ – photo #2 taken by Treve Johnson Photography

https://www.restoredstyle.com/vertical-gardening-by-randy-raburn/ – photos taken by Randy Raburn






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