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Five spring cleaning tips

Now that winter is behind us, many of you are probably thinking about doing your annual spring clean. If you’re looking to go the extra mile this year, read below for our five top spring cleaning tips.


Clean carpets and upholstery

When we’re cleaning our homes, we very rarely think to tackle the carpets and upholstery. Fabrics which have absorbed dirt, body oil and germs over the winter or even the course of years, can very quickly start to look grubby and they will of course also harbour plenty of bacteria.

There are plenty of options when it comes to cleaning carpets and upholstered items – you can hire a professional to do it for you or rent specialist cleaning equipment so you can do it yourself. The Good Housekeeping website has some great rules if you’re planning to give your carpets a thorough going over! https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a24240/deep-clean-carpeting/

Remove stale odours

Spillages, cooking smells and pets can contribute to stale odours around the home. The good news is however that you can remove undesirable scents from carpets, mattresses, curtains and other upholstered items with a number of common household items.

Bicarbonate of soda and unused coffee grounds can be sprinkled on the floor or bed, left overnight and then hoovered up. Vinegar can be wiped over windows, lightbulbs, mirrors and other surfaces to banish everything from cooking odours to cigarette smoke.

A great way of preventing scents from lingering in the first place is to think about the materials being used in your home. For example, window shutters can be far more practical than curtains because they’re easy to wipe clean so won’t fall victim to germs, bacteria and bad smells.

Move things around

We’re all guilty of cleaning around things rather than underneath them, especially when it comes to heavier items. If you want to give your house a proper spring clean this year, use this opportunity to change things around a bit.

Moving beds, drawers, sofas, coffee tables and television stands not only provides you with a nice chance of scenery, it also allows you to give the floor a thorough clean.

Use the dishwasher

Most of us use our dishwashers for cutlery and crockery but it can also be a very helpful and time-saving tool when you’re embarking on your annual deep clean.

Anything that’s dishwasher safe, such as glass light fixtures, wire drying racks, toothbrush holders, kids’ toys and candle holders can all go in the dishwasher on the gentlest cycle. As well as coming out squeaky clean, your items will also look as shiny and good as new.


Wash walls and cabinets

We’re constantly touching or brushing past walls and cabinets which means it never takes long for them to start looking grubby. As well as looking untidy, dirt does actually cling to vertical surfaces which means that you may inadvertently be exposing yourself to more germs and bacteria than you realise.

A mild washing up liquid and sponge is all you need to gently wipe away any dirt and scuff masks. You can also use a mop for those hard-to-reach areas closer to their ceiling. Make sure you test a small area beforehand however in case the paint on your walls reacts badly to the detergent.

If you’re planning a major spring clean this year, visit www.thespruce.com for some great help and advice.

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