How to Choose Your Shutter Colours

Here at Purely Shutters, we believe that choosing the right shutter colours isn’t just about picking one you like. It’s about setting the tone for your entire space. Whether you choose white shutters, red shutters, or even electric blue, your new window feature should work with the room to create a look that’s harmonious and in line with your unique tastes. Don’t worry if that sounds like a tall order, because we’re here to guide you through this colourful journey.

So, let’s get started!

Full height special shape window shutters in bedroom

The Timeless Elegance of White Shutters 

White shutters have been a firm favourite in home design for years, decades even. Think about it. When you imagine a set of shutters what colour are they? White? Yep, us too.  

The appeal of white window shutters lies in their ability to blend seamlessly with any interior colour or design scheme. Whether you’re going for contemporary minimalist, mid-century modern, or romantic and rustic, they’re sure to suit. 

White shutters create a sense of openness and purity, making them ideal for modern and traditional homes alike. They have the power to brighten up a room, giving the illusion of more space, and provide a clean, chic look that’s always in style. 

Warm Colour Shutters 

yellow window shutters in a bedroom

While white is a classic, venturing into warm colours and darker tones can add a new dimension to your space. Warm colour shutters, such as hues of terracotta or sandy beige, evoke a sense of comfort and warmth – perfect for creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms. 

For those who dare to be bold, why not go for something a little more out of the ordinary? Red shutters can be a striking choice. Red is the colour of passion and energy, ideal for spaces where you want to make a statement or add a burst of vibrancy. 

Darker tones, on the other hand, bring an element of sophistication and drama. Deep greys or rich charcoal can create a stunning contrast, especially in rooms with lighter walls or furnishings. These colours are particularly effective in adding a sense of luxury and depth to your space. 

Our Standard Colour Deck 

At Purely Shutters, we have a range of shutter colours for you to choose from. Our standard colour deck is designed to cater to a broad range of tastes. It spans from pure, bright whites to deep, enigmatic greys, encompassing off-whites and softer greys.  

Dining room shutters in turquoise on a patio door contrasting with a white wall and dark dining table.

This variety ensures that you’ll find the perfect shade to match your home’s aesthetic, whether you’re looking for something subtle or a striking colour that makes a statement. 

For those who appreciate natural beauty, our wood-stained finishes offer an authentic, rustic charm. These fancy finishes enhance the natural grain of the wood, bringing a touch of nature into your home. 

Find Your Style with Custom Colour Matching 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of choosing your shutter colours is our custom colour match service, allowing you to bring your unique vision to life. Whether you’re looking to match a specific paint colour in your home or aiming for a shade that’s uniquely you, our custom colour match service makes it possible. With the ability to match hundreds of different colours, your shutters can be as unique as you are. 

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