Keeping your cat safe in your home

woman and her pet cat

How can you help keep your furry family members safe in your home? If you are a new cat owner or thinking about introducing a new addition to your family, our top tips below will help you provide the perfect cat friendly home for your new bundle of fun.


Many owners are unfortunately unaware of how dangerous certain plants and flowers can be to their cat. Lilies in particular are extremely lethal and should be completely avoided in the garden and the home. Cats have even been poisoned by just brushing up against certain plants and licking the pollen from their fur. You can find a detailed list of plants which are dangerous to cats on the International Cats Care website.

Household Appliances

Cats are notoriously curious creatures and will naturally investigate any small spaces to look for a place to hide or sleep in peace. Block off any dangerous areas where your cat could become trapped and make sure any appliances with doors such as washing machines and tumble dryers are kept closed at all times. Toilet lids should also be kept down to prevent cats drinking from the bowl and falling in.


Windows are a great place for cats to sit and watch the world going by especially if they are in the sun. But make sure you tie up any loose cords hanging from curtains or blinds to prevent any playful behaviour going wrong. Window Shutters of course are a great alternative to traditional window dressings and are the perfect solution for a pet friendly home. For rooms on higher floors, having pets fall out of the window is a very possible risk, but with a set of quality plantation shutters, you can leave the windows open during warmer weather while creating a barrier between your feline friend and a large drop!

Poisonous Substances

Cats will drink water from a variety of sources which means they are susceptible to poisoning through spillage and leaks. Your cat can be poisoned through grooming so anything which may come into contact with their fur or paws can be potentially dangerous.  Antifreeze is one of the most harmful substances for cats so make sure all bottles are kept safely out of harms way. Other household substances such as disinfectants, pest control substances and even certain food types such as onions and chocolate should all be kept out of your cats reach. For further information on poisonous substances visit the Cats Protection website.

To take steps into pet-proofing your home, invest in some beautiful shutters for stylish, safer windows. Book in a free home survey to be on your way to cat-friendly windows.

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