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How to be productive when working from home

Naturally, productivity can be an issue when working from home. If other people are around it can be a distraction, you may find yourself tempted by the television, you’re more inclined to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off in the morning and of course, you don’t have anyone watching over you to make sure you’re getting things done.

If you’re one of the million people across the UK who work from home and you’re struggling to adjust to the fact that your home is now also your office, below are some great tips for improving productivity.


Have a designated work area

You may think that one of the perks of working from home is that you can set up base in bed, the garden or in front of the television. If you’re wondering why you don’t seem to be getting much done however, this could be why.

It’s very important that you have an area of the house you can associate with ‘going to work’. As well as helping you to get into the right mindset, it will also ensure that you actually get things done. When you’re trying to work in various areas of the house you’ll be surprised how much time you waste making cups of tea, doing the washing up and checking your mobile phone.

Act like you would at work

Author of ‘Driven to Distraction at Work’, Ned Hallowell asserts that without supervision, even the most conscientious of us can end up slacking off. He says that the best way to improve productivity is to set a schedule so that you have structure and you’re therefore more likely to stay motivated. For more top tips on motivation whilst working from home visit here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/01/22/11-ways-to-stay-motivated-while-working-from-home/#3eca5d565f67

Start your day as if you’re going to work in an office – get up early, get ready, have breakfast and don’t let yourself watch television or spend the morning on social media.

Take regular breaks

While some people struggle to stay focused, others can end up working too hard. If you’re working all day and night and don’t allow yourself any breaks, you’re being too hard on yourself and your productivity and health will suffer in the long-run.

A great way to achieve the right balance is to allow yourself a quick break after ticking something off your to do list. Don’t forget to take a lunch break as well – refuelling will help you to remain productive throughout the afternoon.


Work from a relaxing area

If you’re trying to work while the kids are running around, the builders are making a racket or the neighbours are listening to loud music, you’re never going to get anything done. Ensure that your designated work area is in a quiet part of the house and make it clear that nobody should disturb you when you’re working.

If noisy neighbours or family members are a problem, solid shutters can help. They provide an extra sound barrier on windows and because they can also be used as bi-fold doors, they’re great at keeping out internal noise too.

Get some human interaction

It’s very easy to isolate ourselves when we work from home so try to make more of an effort to incorporate human interaction into your day. You can do this by phoning people instead of emailing, working from a coffee shop or library, popping into the office occasionally or even heading outside during your lunch break. Here are some great ideas to help you feel connected: https://www.theguardian.com/small-business-network/2013/sep/23/avoid-feeling-isolated-working-home

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