Shutters for home extensions

Home space

Many homeowners are adding stunning extensions to the back of their properties, usually to accommodate a kitchen, living, and family space in one. Lantern roofs or skylights are being added to give additional light and to further enhance the new way of family living. In addition, the range of fantastic doors that lead onto gardens on patios is also proving to be popular.

For those who are looking at renovating their homes and needing help choosing between the different types of doors or windows for their home, here is the low-down.

A bi-folding door, sliding doors, or French patio doors?

Firstly, consider the British Climate.  Most of the year your doors will remain closed and you will be looking out into your garden through closed windows or doors. Secondly, consider which way your house faces. If it faces north, you will want to make sure you have the maximum amount of glass to let in the light during the winter months. Some bi-folding doors, due to their frames, give you less glass area when closed than patio doors. Many sliding patio doors enable you to have a much larger glass area than bi-folding doors, as they do not have as many framed areas.

The great news is that Purely Shutters have a range of door shutters for all types of doors, that will enable you to provide a stylish finish to any doors you opt for as part of a renovation to your home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Designed to open up your whole living space to the garden, the main advantage to bi-folding doors is that when folded back, they will open up your entire wall. These have become highly desirable in recent years and the bi-folding door market has exploded with a huge range of products now available.  This will truly open up your living space bringing your outside space into your home seamlessly.

When it comes to bi-folding doors we recommend that you are not governed by the cheapest product. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is certainly the case. Remember to consider how many back doors to have that lead to your garden, patio, or balcony. If your bi-folding doors are your only access, a reputable installer will advise you to think about having an “access leaf” on one side of your bi-folding doors, to act as a back door, without having to fold all the rest of the doors back. This may not be possible if you have an “all glass” bi-folding door system.

If you want to finish off your bi-fold doors in a sophisticated fashion, then our door shutters could be the perfect option for you. All of our door shutters are made-to-measure to fit your doors.

French-style Patio doors

If you live in an older, period property, you may wish to consider French doors. Basically, these are pairs of double doors, both of which can open right out and be hooked back into place with door hooks.  As they are pairs of doors, the openings vary in size from rather narrow to extremely wide. The benefits are that they will be in keeping with the style of a character property; they can be used as independent doors; and they open up to give the indoor/outdoor feeling.

Our range of patio door shutters are the perfect option when it comes to finishing off French-style patio doors. These shutters enable you to maximise the light you get in through French doors and also maintain privacy.

Sliding Doors

They may sound dated, however, if you live in a small flat with a balcony, they could provide the ideal balance between letting in the light and the functionality of garden, balcony or patio access.

Purely Shutters will be able to provide you with the option of installing some stylish shutters to your sliding doors. The sliding door shutters are a perfect combination of practicality and style.

For more advice and door ideas visit the Everest website – https://www.everest.co.uk/doors/

Window dressings for large openings

Window dressings

The main issue with larger openings is window dressings. It completely defeats the object if you have a large patio or bi-folding doors and then end up having to cover a significant chunk with curtain fabric. Most blinds are simply too heavy, whereas tracked shutters offer the ideal solution.

Tracked plantation shutters allow you to permit as much light into the room as you wish while offering you an elegant, contemporary look and feel to your kitchen.  Added to this they are much more hygienic than fabric curtains or blinds. If you wish to know more about our tracked or solid shutters, please do call one of our local surveyors who would be delighted to show you our range.

If you’re new to home renovating and are not sure where to start visit The Homebuilding & Renovating website which has some great ideas, just follow the link to find out more: https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/open-plan-living/

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