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Spring cleaning tips

Did you know that giving your home a good spring clean isn’t just a great way to declutter? Psychologists believe that being clean and organised can also have a profound effect on our mental wellbeing.

One study carried out at Indiana University found that people with clean houses are healthier and more active than those living amongst mess. A separate study also found that women living in a cluttered space are more likely to be fatigued and depressed compared to those whose habitat is more restful. The BBC reported on decluttering earlier this year. You can find out more by following this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-46875137

Whether you’re doing it for your mental health or you’re simply sick of tripping over things, below are some great spring cleaning tips to get you started.


Before you start cleaning, throw away or donate the things you no longer need or use. Clutter is the biggest culprit for mess so even if you do a deep clean, it’s unlikely to feel much different if you fill your shelves and cupboards back up.

Decluttering isn’t easy and most of us find all sorts of excuses to hang onto things that we don’t really need. A great tip is to go through your things quickly and systematically. If you can’t remember the last time you used it or it doesn’t spark joy as Marie Kondo so famously said, just throw it away.

Once you’ve finished your spring clean, the last thing you want is mess to start building up again. Some great ways to prevent this from happening include:

  • When you buy something new, throw away, recycle or donate an item you already have
  • Switch to paper-free statements and banking. Not only is it better for the environment, it will stop the paperwork building up

Organise your storage

If you don’t want your house to go back to being a chaotic mess, ensure all your storage has a purpose.

It’s tempting to throw whatever we come across into a drawer or cupboard when we’re busy but it’s much easier to keep things tidy if everything has a logical home. Office supplies should only be kept in the study for example, toiletries should stay in the bathroom, kid’s toys in the lounge and clothes in the bedroom.  

Don’t forget about the windows

Windows are often a neglected part of spring cleaning but their cleanliness can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your home.

If you can clean the outside of your windows, start with some soapy water to get the grime off. Once you’ve done this, use a glass cleaner to get rid of any smears and to ensure a sparkling clean finish. If it’s not safe to do this yourself, hire a window cleaner.

The inside of your windows simply need going over with a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth. Don’t forget to clean your curtains and beautiful shutters to really leave your windows looking great.  

Use a natural microwave cleaner

Most of us rely on our microwaves on a daily basis so it doesn’t take long for them to get dirty. If we leave it a bit long between cleans, it can be difficult to remove stubborn spills.

Try mixing one chopped up lemon, lime, orange or several tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of water and place it in a large microwave-safe bowl. Turn the microwave on high for several minutes or until the mixture boils and the window becomes steamy. Let it sit to cool for 15 minutes, remove and wipe out the inside with a sponge. For more great spring cleaning tips, head over to Good Housekeeping website: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/g3345/spring-cleaning-tips/

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