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The benefits of having conservatory shutters

Many people have added conservatories to their homes for all sorts of reasons. Conservatories can add value to a property or maybe give a growing family that extra bit of space. There is also the added benefit of a conservatory giving you a room where you can sit in the warm sun even if the weather is chilly outside.

If you already have a conservatory or are thinking about adding one, you may not have considered adding shutters as well. Here are 5 top reasons of why adding shutters will help make your conservatory even more impressive:  

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Keeping Warm or Cool

Conservatories can sometimes been called greenhouses as they can have a tendency to overheat especially on glorious sunny days. Plantation Shutters can help control the heat within your conservatory as they have moveable slats called louvres. This allows you to control the amount light that enters the room and therefore help keep your space nice and cool. On the reverse side, shutters are also great insulators and can help in the winter to keep the room warm.

Tailor Made

The majority of window shutters that are made for conservatories are tailor made. This allows you to have the wonderful opportunity to choose the exact shape and design of shutter that you would like. You will also be able to select the material the shutters are made of and the colour. If you are thinking of a makeover for your home this could be the ideal opportunity to create something new and exciting. If you have not yet built your conservatory, House to Home have a collection of ideas from various magazines that could help give you some inspiration.

Fresh and Clean

Another wonderful benefit of shutters is that unlike curtains or other fabric material, your shutters will not rot, sag or age overtime. With a flick of a duster or quick once over with a wet cloth your shutters will remain looking as good as new for many years to come.


Conservatories by their nature have lots of glass. This can make you feel rather exposed and vulnerable especially if you have nosy neighbours. Adding shutters to your windows will help give you your privacy when you need it and allow you to enjoy your space on your own. With the added function of louvres in the plantation shutters, you will also be able to adjust the amount of visibility to that of your choice. And of course you may wish to leave some of the shutters completely open which shows just how versatile shutters can be.


If you are worried that your conservatory may look vulnerable and easy to break into, shutters can help give you peace of mind. By adding a solid barrier to your window it will make your conservatory seem more impenetrable. And of course with your shutters closed it will make it almost impossible for anyone to detect if you are home or not.

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