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Thinking of selling your house? This is what prospective buyers are really looking at

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, we bet that you want to get as much money for your property as possible.

Adding a conservatory, building a loft conversion, renovating the bathroom and giving the place a fresh lick of paint often feature high on the list of the top ways people try to increase the value of their property when they’re just about to sell it.


According to new research carried out by cleaning specialists, Vileda, (https://www.vileda.com/uk/) if this is your tactic, you may actually be focusing on all the wrong areas.

Vileda equipped prospective buyers with eye-tracking goggles which recorded the areas they looked at the most. The results? A whopping 95% of people made a beeline for the windows to check out the view and the surrounding neighbourhood.

With the windows being the first part of the house people are drawn to, it’s far more important to ensure they’re sparkling clean than say the oven (which nobody looked inside according to the research).

Aside from a thorough clean of the glass and ledges, how else can you make your windows look as appealing as possible to potential buyers?

If you really want to give your windows the wow factor, why not consider plantation window shutters? As well as ensuring that your windows become a real focal point, shutters offer a number of other very appealing benefits to prospective buyers:

  • Privacy – plantation shutters work particularly well on the ground floor because when the slats are adjusted to the right angle, nobody can see inside the property but you still benefit from natural sunlight filtering through.
  • Increased security – not only do shutters act as an extra barrier to stop intruders entering the property, because people can’t see in, it’s impossible for potential burglars to determine whether or not anyone is home.
  • Light control – we all like to make the most of those bright, sunny days but unfortunately, the sun’s rays can make it difficult to see television or computer screens and can also make the room unbearably hot in the summer. One of the greatest benefits of plantation shutters is that you don’t have to shut out the sun in order to see what you’re doing or regulate the temperature of the room. The louvres are easy to operate to control light infiltration so you can still benefit from the natural light without it being overpowering.
  • Better insulation – plantation shutters can also be fully closed which makes them a fantastic heat insulator during those chilly winter months.


Aside from the windows, what else are potential buyers really looking at when viewing your property according to the Vileda survey?

  • 80% of people looked into large storage spaces such as upstairs cupboards. Don’t be tempted to throw everything into these cupboards because prospective buyers want to know how much storage space the property offers.
  • 75% of participants noticed distinctive items such as original fireplaces.
  • Only 15% of people gave surfaces and floors more than a quick glance in comparison to 70% who looked upwards to check the height of the ceiling and for features such as cornicing.

Strutt & Parker have some valuable advice if you’re planning on selling your home: https://www.struttandparker.com/services/residential/sell-a-property/advice-sellers

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