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Top tips to increase your property’s curb appeal

According to data provided by Rightmove*1, the UK’s housing market has seen a surge in demand in recent months. Compared to the market this time last year, demand is 34% higher but supply remains low which has created one of the best sellers’ markets in 10 years. Average house prices have risen by 2.7% in the last 12 months but even with this increase the number of properties in the first week of March that had agreed sales is still 12% higher than a year ago.

With fewer properties being put up for sale and properties currently on the market now being sold, there is a shortage of homes available to buy. However, spring is a notoriously busy period for house moves and early signs for Spring 2021 are showing that more people will be putting their homes up for sale, especially now lockdown restrictions are easing.

Even though it is a sellers’ market if you’re thinking about selling your property you should make sure your home looks its best and the best place to start is from the curb!

Here are a few simple things you can do to give your home great curb appeal if you’re planning a move.

Front door, double brown front door with a secured front entrance

Front door

Your front door is the entranceway to your home and as such makes a statement about your property. Stand back and take a good look at your door, your doorway and the surrounding area. Is it welcoming? Is it bright and airy? Is it clean and tidy? If you answer no to any of these questions you may want to consider giving your front door a lick of paint, rubbing down any woodwork and repainting, and cleaning any door mats or porchways. If you have space for some potted plants why not add a couple either side of the door to add some extra brightness.

Your windows and dressings

They say the eyes to a house are through its windows and it’s a fairly accurate statement. If your windows look sad and tired you whole house will look unloved and uncared for. If you have wooden windows a quick rub down and lick of paint will leave them looking fresh and bright and for those with double glazing a quick clean with a sponge and warm water will remove any mould, bird droppings and mud. If you already have internal plantation shutters make sure they are on display as shutters have been proven to not only add value to your property but to increase its curb appeal too! If you haven’t got window shutters fitted you can contact us today for a free no obligation survey to find out just how easy the installation of window shutters can be. If you have other window dressings which can be seen from the outside of your property make sure they are clean, tidy and hang properly.  

Front garden

Even if you have a small front garden make sure you have weeded the beds, trimmed any hedges that birds aren’t nesting in, and cleaned any footpaths or driveways of mould and mildew. Once the last frosts have passed investing in a few bedding plants will keep your front garden looking at its best and putting down chipped bark on your beds will help get weeds under control. If you have any wheelie bins at the front of your property why not build a little bin shed or storage shelter so they are hidden away.

*1 https://www.buyassociation.co.uk/2021/03/22/housing-market-is-seeing-strongest-spring-for-sellers-in-a-decade/

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