Will shutters affect the interior of my room?

Window shutters are a great addition to any home for a whole host of reasons including security, warmth, light and many more. However some people are concerned that by adding shutters, regardless of the shape and style, they will affect the internal feeling of their room by making it to dark or even smaller.

We have addressed the 2 most commonly asked questions below with regards to the interior of a room.

Will my room seem smaller with shutters?

When decorating a room the main objective is normally to make a room seem as big and as spacious as possible. Adding shutters to your room will not detract from this and can even enhance the space. From living rooms to kitchens, all interior spaces benefit from a quality set of shutters.

Window Shutters

Window shutters are the opposite too curtains in that they fit into the window recess and sit flush with the window. Curtains on the other hand fit around a window therefore cluttering the surrounding space. Heavy fabric around your window will appear to take up a lot of space above and beside your windows and also the floor area and seem sometimes quite imposing.

One great way to make sure that your room appears larger is to match cream walls with white shutters. Farrow & Ball have a huge range of neutral and lightly toned paint colours that would really compliment your shutters. As well as the advantage of having a blank canvas to now work with, this classic look will be fresh, bright and give an illusion of lots of space.

Will my room seem darker with shutters?

This question is often asked as many people are worried that they will lose light from their room. However one main benefit of having window shutters fitted is that you will be in control over the light levels that enter your space.

All your rooms in your house will face in different directions and this is something to take into account when considering shutters. For instance in the bedroom you may wish to decrease the amount of brightness that comes in  whereas with a darker room you may wish to increase the amount of light. Plantation Shutters are fitted with louvres which enable you to control the light in each individual room. This control is so much easier than curtains which are really only either open or closed. You can also fully open your shutters, giving you even more options in your room. Or to keep your room as bright as possible while still having eye-level privacy, why not try Café-Style Shutters?

Your choice of colour for your shutter will also help you lighten and enhance your home. Selecting a light coloured wood or white will make your room appear bigger and brighter. Light will naturally bounce off and reflect, giving your home an elegant and airy feeling.

See for yourself just how wonderful shutters are for interiors, and get a quick quote instantly!

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