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3 Tiny Houses That Combine Sustainability and Affordability Perfectly

Everybody has likely spent some time living in a small space. Whether it was your first house or your university halls of residence, nobody starts out on their own in a big, luxurious home.

As a result, most people ache for the day when they can claim a spacious home as their own. It seems like no matter the size we always want to go bigger.

But that’s not the philosophy of tiny home owners. Tiny homes are uber small dwellings that seem to meet the bare minimum in terms of space; some are even less than 100 square feet!

Despite their size, tiny homes have a loyal following, a group of environmentally minded, conservation-conscious housing activists who revel in minimalism. And once you get a look inside, you’ll know why they’re such firm believers. Simple and small don’t necessarily equate to paltry and poor.

Of all the hip tiny houses cropping up across the world, we’ve picked out three of the best to show off to you.


The Elm

tumbleweed elm house

Founded by Jay Shafer, the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company produces tiny home plans as well as complete homes, and the Elm is one of their foremost tiny home floor plans.

The Elm comes in at just 163 square feet, but it supplies avid minimalists with everything they need to stay happy – at a very manageable price to boot!


The Matchbox


The Matchbox is part of a small tiny home community in the District of Columbia called Boneyard Studios. The community is focused on sustainable living and affordable housing.

The Matchbox is 140 square feet in size, and it is completely self-sustaining and produces zero waste. Maybe it’s not so hard to live off the grid after all!


The RowdyKittens Tiny House


Writer, photographer, and teacher Tammy Strobel decided after living life in larger spaces and obtaining several advanced degrees that it was time to simplify her life. She found the simplicity she needed in a 128-square foot, custom built tiny house.

The house cost just $33,000 to build, and Tammy tows it from place to place with her partner, living a rich, simple life with few complications.

Are you enchanted by these mini homes? Check out more tiny house designs at Tiny House Swoon, such as a reader-submitted St. George Tiny House on a private island. Tiny House Design’s blog regularly features tours of miniature homes around the world. Check out the 407,155 tiny house photos by Houzz. For more inspiration, floor plans and home tours, head over to Pinterest.

Photos Credits:

1. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

2. Boneyard Studios

3. Tammy Strobel


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