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stocking hanging by the tree

The pressure is suddenly on. 40 days left till Christmas may sound like a long time but in fact it is not that long at all.  Out of those 40 days, 30 of them are during the working week, which leaves just 10 to do the Christmas shopping, squirrel it away into a secret hiding place, wrap it in secret, before you pop it under the tree or in the Santa Sack.  Thankfully that was the “olden days”, i.e. the days before the internet. Now, that our lives have changed for the better by technology, it certainly makes Christmas a lot easier at least!

Ignoring all the shopping dramas, one of the most fun things since the advent of the internet is Santa’s Portable North Pole website. Parents simply type in a child’s date of birth, gender and preferred type of Christmas gift then upload a picture and confirm if the child is naughty, nice or could do better.  Within seconds this automated system pings back a personalised email with a video link to the child from the man in red!  It is hilarious to see a child’s reaction to this, and wondering if there will be anything in their Santa Sack or not.

Oh the Santa Sack! To be honest, for me it is one of the best parts of Christmas Morning!  There is much debate about the contents of a Santa Sack, which has left people unsure what to put in them. Should the ‘Big Fella’ get all the credit for the best gifts, or does he buy the funny little bits and pieces? Maybe you should buy one cool gift from Santa and then a lot of fun items, making sure that you get the credit for the expensive items. Thankfully much of this dilemma has been taken out of our hands. We no longer have to even think about the Santa Sack conundrum as we can simply go online and order pre-filled stockings which are age and gender appropriate, in which all the items have already been beautifully wrapped. You can still add one or two of your own of course!

christmas tree with lights on

However, the down side of our online existence is the Christmas Card Conundrum. Gone are the days when, if you said you had 6 really good friends you were considered lucky.  Now if you don’t have 300+ “friends” on facebook, or similar social networks you seem like a social leper.  Though most people won’t admit it, we still quite like getting Christmas cards. For some reason it makes us feel just that bit more of a “real friend”. Luckily, if you want to make people feel extra special, with the minimum of effort, you can do that too, as there are services which do the boring writing and addressing part for you, many of them even stick on real stamps.  In effect, you could almost break both hands and still be able to send out 100 handwritten Christmas cards from the comfort of your own sofa in 15 minutes, assuming you actually know your friends’ real addresses!

It is astonishing what you can get on line, in time for Christmas.  Need a sofa-bed for the extra guests – no problem. Want to change your curtains for glamourous window shutters – just click.

There is no end to what it is possible to buy on-line and have delivered in time, so for any men reading this, you have just run out of excuses.

Happy clicking-mas everyone!

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