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Battening Down the Hatches for Winter

With winter fast approaching, a lot of us are thinking about ways in which we can keep warm without drastically increasing our energy bills. And with Christmas just round the corner, extra heating costs are really not needed at this time of year!

There are many ways we can make our homes better insulated using traditional methods such as fitting roof insulation, adding cavity wall insulation, fitting draught excluders to mention just a few. Of course all of these methods can help keep your house warm throughout the cold months but many people do not consider the advantages of fitting shutters to their windows as an additional insulator for their home.

Shutters are normally added to a house to improve a property’s look or for more practical reasons like keeping rooms cool during the summer months. If you are considering ways to help insulate your house, look no further as adding shutters will help you save money on energy bills and with the added benefit of shutters being aesthetically pleasing what more could you ask for in keeping your house nice and toasty warm!

People often close doors to rooms, ensure windows are fully covered and block up any drafts to try and keep heat in a room. Window shutters can do all of these things with minimal fuss.

Fitting shutters to your windows creates a ‘barrier’ or ‘vacuum gap’ in between the shutter and the window. The main requirement for good shutter insulation is to ensure maximum tightness between the window and the shutter to create a good vacuum. This prevents the transmission of air between the shutter and the window glass.

By closing your shutters you will help to retain the heat and energy already in your home. After all, if you are paying to heat your home the last thing you want is for the heat to be lost through poorly insulated windows.

So not only do shutters make your house look stylish they also have a practical use that helps you save money at a crucial time of year!


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