How To Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Shutters

So, you’ve recently upgraded your home with those lovely new shutters, reaping the rewards they bring – enhanced privacy, light management, and overall, a sleeker, more stylish ambiance. But, gradually over time, you’ve begun to notice signs of wear and tear, affecting their functionality as well as your safety. In this blog, we’ll explore the indicators that it is time to replace your shutters. By being aware and knowing what to look out for, you can maintain the aesthetics and safety of your shutters and home. 

The Physical Condition of your Shutters 

kitchen shutters

If your shutters are looking a little worse for wear – we’re talking damaged and warped slats, dents and scratches, peeling and faded paint – depending on the severity of the damages, it may be time to replace your shutters with brand-new ones, or simply just replace a few of the slats if a lower-maintenance solution is required. This is because these issues indicate that your shutters are not functioning like they are meant to, so if for instance, you’re seeing light seep through when they’re shut, it may mean that the lever mechanisms are worn out and need replacing as soon as possible, particularly if you’re wanting to block out outdoor light as spring approaches.  

Additional Movement 

If your shutters rock at the slightest movement of air, we recommend having a look into them and seeing what the cause is. Make sure that every time you clean them, you check that they are securely attached to the wall, but also bear in mind that frequent re-fastening can compromise their effectiveness. Replacing them with brand-new shutters could prove to be more beneficial in the long run than the constant repairs. 

White cafe style window shutters behind seating area

Struggling to Open and Close Them 

If there are any signs of malfunction with your shutters, it may indicate that they are on their way out and will need replacing. Signs that your shutters may not be functioning properly is that the lifting mechanism may be damaged, or the slats aren’t tilting correctly perhaps due to incorrect installation. If this is the case, make sure to replace them as soon as possible because your shutters could be close to breaking or collapsing at any moment, causing damage and risk to you and your home.  

They’ve Lost Their Charm  

White solid panel shutters in a living room

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to be a specific reason or fault to your shutters, they may just simply appear outdated and lack the charm and appeal they once had. Fresher, more stylish shutters will not only fulfil your aesthetic preferences but can also enhance the value to your home. Installing sparkly new shutters is a great way to rejuvenate and spruce up your home. 

By understanding these indicators and knowing when to recognise that your shutters need repair, you can uphold both the aesthetics and the safety of your home, whilst also ensuring that you are personally still satisfied and value your shutters. Here at Purely Shutters, we have a wide range of shutters available in many colours and styles, so whatever your heart’s desire is, we’ve got you covered. 

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