How do shutters open?

Most customers choose to keep their window shutters closed because adjusting the louvres is enough to allow plenty of light to enter the room when desired. However, there are a number of occasions when you may want to open your shutters, for instance:

  • To admire the view from a particular room
  • To open or close a window
  • Cleaning your windows

Because there are times you may need to access a window, a common question we get asked is ‘how do shutters fold open?’ That is where folding shutters and bifold shutters can come in very handy and be a good option to have. There are of course many different shapes and styles of shutter available so how yours open can vary depending on the type you have.

The first step to figuring out how to open your window shutters is to identify the style of product you have. Options include:


  • Café Style – essentially half a shutter which only covers the bottom section of your window
  • Full Height – as the name suggests, these shutters cover the entire window and are well-suited to customers who wish to keep their shutters closed most of the time
  • Tier on Tier – is divided into two sections so you can keep the bottom section closed to maintain privacy but the top can be opened for additional light
  • Special Shape – these window shutters are designed to fit uniquely shaped windows including apex, circular, arched and triangular
  • Tracked – typically for larger window widths of at least 220cm, these are made up of multiple panels so you can open and close individual panels as you wish

How to open your window shutters

Full height

Full height shutters are an incredibly popular design because they offer complete privacy, they’re great for insulating the home and they also help to keep out unwanted noises. Another big benefit is that they’re incredibly easy to open – simply swing open and fold them back. That makes them a very good option for folding and bifold shutters.


Tier on Tier

Because you can open the top and bottom shutters separately, Tier on Tier is split using a horizontal Tpost. This adds strength to the frame and allows your shutters to be easily aligned in the centre. There are magnets fitted to the top and bottom of the shutters and on the Tpost so that when the panels are closed, they’re pulled tightly into the frame.

Tier on Tier shutters are ideal for anyone who thinks they may open their shutters on a regular basis because you simply pull them open and slide them across to reveal the window. Great for living rooms or bedrooms that require an airy feel while still having the option of privacy.

Special Shape

Window shutters which are specially shaped generally need to open towards the highest part of the window. If this isn’t possible however, you can opt for a design which allows you to hinge the shutters downwards or mount them on magnets so that they lift in and out of the frame.


Tracked shutters are more tricky to open compared to the other styles available. This is partly because they need more support and partly because you need an equal number of folding shutters to any particular side.

Starting with the side they fold back to, close the louvres and pull the first bi-folding shutters towards you. From here, you can work your way along the shutters closing the louvres and pulling each section towards you until all the panels have been pushed to the side.

If you’re thinking about getting shutters for your home, browse our shapes and styles for inspiration.

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