How to keep your window shutters looking like new

Window shutters have the ability to transform an average room into one that has real wow factor. As with anything in the home however, it’s important to maintain your shutters so that they carry on looking great for many years to come.

Below we have revealed five of our top tips for keeping your window shutters looking like new.

Change your technique depending on the material of your shutters


The technique you use to clean your shutters will of course depend on the material they’re made from. While water can be used on plastic for example, wooden materials can become ruined when exposed to moisture.

Plastic shutters are very easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or mix some water and detergent together for a more thorough clean. Once you’re finished, wipe down with a dry cloth.

Wood – wood and water don’t go particularly well together so it’s wise to be a bit more cautious when cleaning wooden shutters. Dust them down with a dry cloth to remove any debris and remember that a lot of normal household cleaners may be too harsh and cause permanent damage. If you have shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s always advisable to opt for the waterproof variety.

Vacuum regularly

If you find that your shutters accumulate dust more regularly than you would like, you may need to hoover more often. There is a lot of dust flying around our homes and even if you wipe down your shutters regularly, you’re simply transferring the debris to the floor which will eventually float back onto your shutters.

Whenever you have the hoover out, this is a great opportunity to give your shutters an extra clean at the same time. Using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose, lightly hoover your shutters. This will help to keep them free of excess dust and debris.


Clean your windows

Even if your shutters look fantastic, dirty windows will detract from this. What’s more, any dirt from your windowsills may transfer onto your shutters, leaving them looking dirty. Try to remember to wipe down windowsills and frames on a regular basis and use glass cleaner to ensure that your windows are always sparkling and smear-free.

Don’t forget about your exterior shutters

It’s easy to neglect areas of the house which are outside because we don’t see them very often. Exterior shutters are exposed to far more extreme conditions than indoor ones however so it’s just as, if not more important to keep them maintained. Here’s a guide to help.

Power washing is a great way to remove dirt if you clean your shutters on a regular basis but if you tend to leave it a bit longer in between washes, you might need a more vigorous routine. Mixing one-part bleach with five parts of water should remove even the toughest of mildew stains but always test this on a small, inconspicuous area first in case the bleach causes any discolouration.

Protect them from harsh weather conditions

A great tip for maintaining your window shutters is to protect them from any adverse weather conditions. If it’s raining for example, close your windows so that your shutters don’t get wet and if you find that a lot of pollen makes its way into your home, try to keep windows closed on days when there’s a high pollen count.

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