Temporary Blinds

Purely Shutters Offers Our Best Temporary Blinds

Temporary Blinds are known as paper blinds or adhesive blinds which is a simple, quick and short-term solution for window coverings. If you’ve just moved in and don’t have any existing window coverings, or you want to move your old ones so you can have your rooms decorated before your shutters arrive, then Purely Shutters is delighted to offer temporary blinds to ensure you have window coverage in the meantime. 

Just like shutters, temporary blinds provide window coverage and elegance to your house. Purely Shutters is delighted to offer Temporary Blinds as an interim solution to ensure that your windows are covered whilst you wait for your shutters. 

Temporary Blinds Choice From Purely Shutters

white window shutters next to a dining table

Easy Installation

One of the reasons for using temporary blinds is that it is easy to install. Installing temporary blinds does not require any tools as they are self-adhesive, easy to trim to size, and easy to fit. It could be a hassle to install blinds without any hardware and tools, but with temporary blinds, adhesive tapes are provided for easy installation. Besides, they are suitable for any space in your home where you require window coverage or a luxurious look, as you can easily trim the blinds to the perfect size.   

White window shutter


Whether you’ve moved to a new home or waiting for new blinds or shutters to be installed, you don’t want to leave your windows uncovered and peaked by passersby. In that case, temporary blinds would be a great solution to serve the purpose for a short period of time. After receiving your new blinds or shutters, you can simply remove the temporary blinds, and perhaps reuse them for the next time.

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Temporary blinds are commonly made of paper and cardboard and that’s why they’re cheaper than blinds and shutters. If you’re only covering the window in short term, it might be unwise to install blinds or shutters for a temporary purpose since they usually cost a considerable amount. Although temporary blinds cost less comparatively, they still provide good window coverage to shield shades.    

black living room shutters

For just a few pounds, these innovative blinds come in black or white and can be easily cut to size.  We’ll even offer them free on orders over £1,000. Ready to take the next step? Book a free consultation with our shutter specialists to find the best temporary blinds. 

If you’re interested in having a long-term window shutter that lasts for years or even decades, view our shutter collections 

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