Faux Wood

Bathroom shutters surrounded by plants

Faux Wood Shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters offer you the same premium quality as our best-selling Hardwood shutters, with a speedy lead time in as soon as  4-weeks*.

*T&C’s apply

  • Fast installation
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • UK-made

Available in the following styles

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Full Height

shutter type

Cafe Style

Faux Wood Shutters

Made from uPVC, our faux wood shutters are UK-made, 100% waterproof, and have the same look and feel as our hardwood range. Plus, they have an expedited lead time of approximately 4 weeks!

Need your shutters in a hurry? Our faux wood range is made right here at our factory in the UK, meaning they can be installed in record time. Perfect for those who want their shutters, but just a bit quicker.

Faux wood shutters have the same functionality and appearance as wooden shutters, with the added benefit of being 100% waterproof. This makes them idea for kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else in the home suffering from excess moisture. They don’t look too shabby either.

UK-made shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters are made right here in the UK. They’re delivered in weeks, not months.

Since 2007

Helping our customers achieve Purely wonderful shutter designs since 2007.

Purely Quality

Shutters are an investment so we ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and include a 10 year guarantee.

Local to you

Friendly surveyors that are local to you.

Expertly Fitted

Experienced and courteous carpenters that achieve the perfect finished install.