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Why shutters are the sustainable option for your home

When it comes to decorating your home, like everyone, you only want the very best when it comes to style, sophistication and practicality. If this is exactly what you have come to expect from your home decorations, then shutters are a fantastic alternative to more traditional blinds and curtains.  

Windows are frequently the most neglected part of a room because people tend to focus on walls, fixtures, furniture and carpets. However, when dressed correctly, windows can completely transform a room by modernising it and making it feel brand new.  

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Shutters are a great way of achieving this look because they not only look good in any home, but they are also incredibly sustainable. Well-known for their durability, shutters will last for years and years and chances are that you may never need to replace them.

One of the many reasons that shutters boast such long-lasting properties is because of the material they are made from. Designed to be strong and hard-wearing, they are often fashioned from Low Density Fibreboard (LDF) or high quality wood that can withhold all kinds of wear and tear.

In the UK, The Forestry Commission sustainability harvests almost four million tonnes of wood every year from England and Scotland’s public forests. Some of which it uses for its own projects where shutters consistently feature. For more information on the work they do, visit the Forestry Commission website.

Modern shutters have a far more stylish look than more commonly used ‘woodslat’ blinds and are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Rather than replacing your window dressings to keep up with the latest trends, shutters are so versatile that they can stay put no matter how you choose to re-decorate your room.


If you live in an older property or don’t have double-glazing, you will be all too familiar with cold drafts in the winter months. Shutters have been proven to add insulation to windows which can save homeowners hundreds of pounds on already expensive heating bills. They can even be used as an alternative to double-glazing if this is something you can’t afford or don’t want to do.

Believe it or not, shutters even make great security devices. When away on holiday many fear that keeping the curtains closed for a week or two makes it obvious that no-one is home. However, with shutters, the blades can be tilted just enough to so nobody can see in whilst still creating the illusion that somebody could be home. Even better, you have the further advantage of being able to fit additional locks to shutters to prevent anyone breaking in through your windows. 

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One of the biggest advantages of these increasingly popular window dressings is the fact that they give any home a unique and much desired look that can add to the appeal and value of a house. Curtains and blinds are perceived as a basic item in any room whereas shutters are often seen as a feature and are therefore much more likely to attract potential buyers.

As shutters come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, they can be tailored to meet the requirements of any personal taste. Additionally to this, there are very few spaces that can’t accommodate shutters so even the most awkward windows can benefit from these fantastic dressings.   

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