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Why you should install plantation shutters for the winter

Although we’re still enjoying warm summer days and light evenings, a few of us may have started to make small preparations around our homes for the coming autumn and winter months. Boiler servicing, ordering wood and oil, checking guttering, even preparing your car for winter may be on your list. But there’s probably not many households that include ‘install window shutters before winter’ to their lists!

christmas tree infront of window shutters

In this week’s blog we thought we’d highlight why installing plantation shutters in your home for the winter season will help save you money and make your home more energy efficient, and why they lend themselves to a beautiful traditional Christmas scene.

Reduce Energy Costs

Window shutters are well-known to be aesthetically pleasing, adding a timeless classic feel to any room but they also have many practical benefits. Here’s how they will help your home become more energy efficient and save you money.

  1. Natural insulation – due to their natural insulative properties hardwood shutters are great at retaining heat helping to warm your home
  2. Draught protectors – they create a barrier preventing any cold draughts entering your home from around your windows or doors
  3. Prevent heat loss – they will keep the warm air in your home so it can’t escape through your windows or doors
  4. Additional insulation – Shutters trap air between themselves and the glass, adding another layer of insulation to your home

Christmas Decorations

living room decorated in Christmas decs

What could be more quintessentially Christmassy than a bay window, beautiful plantation shutters and a Christmas tree! But even if you don’t have a bay window, shutters are a great backdrop for light-weight Christmas decorations in any room. You can use them to create a fabulous display with your Christmas cards or even adorn them with fairy lights and a Christmas garland to create a lovely festive scene.


As the evenings draw in so much earlier in the winter we often forget to close our curtains. Shutters however, even if you haven’t fully closed the slats, will prevent nosy neighbours and opportune burglars from peering into your home through your windows.


If your home has poor ventilation you may have a problem with condensation. For the more traditional window dressings such as curtains and blinds this can cause problems as they can be badly affected from mould growth. Shutters are not affected in the same way and as they are so easy to keep clean they can simply be wiped with a damp cloth to keep them clean and dry. In addition, as they provide an extra layer of insulation to your home, you may feel more inclined to open windows on warmer winter days to let fresh air circulate.

Our range of hardwood shutters includes our Salcombe Waterproof range which are not only a great option for wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms but they can also be used for windows like Victorian bay windows where condensation can be issue.

To find out more about our different hardwood shutter ranges why not contact us today. Our experienced surveyor will be able to talk you through all of our shutter types and designs to ensure you choose the best type of shutter to match your home.

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