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12 Interior Design Hacks to Dress Up Your Space

Take a stroll through any chic restoration boutique shop or high end interior design showroom, and you’ll probably wonder how anyone could ever decorate their home with a hip, chic vibe without spending a small fortune. What the interior design gurus don’t tell you is that there are dozens of tips, tricks, and hacks to give your space an extra pop, and they can be done on the cheap.

Here is a gallery of 12 clever interior design hacks, along with an explanation of each.

Re-purpose Fabrics

Re-Purpose Fabrics Ideas

Make use of the fun, unique patterns found in designer fabric, and re-purpose the textile as a covering for dresser drawers, headboards, and other decorations. With a world of endless fabric possibilities, you can construct a palate and design for any taste.

Get Creative With Paper

creative with paper  

Craft and wrapper paper are incredibly versatile for design and decoration. Use your imagination to cut and string together patterns and designs all your own. In this example, you can see how colorful paper is crafted into cute, ornamental spheres and strung from twine.

Brighten Up Curtains With Bow Fasteners

Bow fasteners 

Ditch the drab curtain hooks that came with your shower curtain and window dressings. A simple bow can do the job just as well, and it will look infinitely better.

Break the Rules With Wallpaper

uses for wallpaper 

Just like material coming in a vast variety of patterns and having an adhesive back, wallpaper can be used for far more than just wall covering. Try out wallpaper on any smooth, solid surface that could use some character.


Take Kilner Jars to the Next Level

uses for kilner jars 

These jars have become a hip fixture in modern dwellings, but they can do more than store and serve or provide decoration on a shelf. Check out this DIY Kilner jar lamp!

Add Flare to Existing Roller Blinds

creative blind 

Roller blinds are like blank canvases just waiting to be decorated. And artistic options are bountiful. Use wallpaper for an easy-to-apply pattern, try your skill at hand painting, glue fabric onto the blinds or use a homemade stencil to apply your own design.

Upcycle from Unexpected Areas

upcycle palates 

Upcycling is popular, because it’s cheap and chic. A little bit of elbow-grease can turn something considered junk by most into a hip, modern fixture like no other.

Draw Inspiration From Your Headboard

book headboard 

Bed suite headboards are a great place to express your personal likes and hobbies. For example, antique books became the point of interest for this project.

Place Candles in Large Unused Space

 candles in the fireplace

 Candles can be the perfect item to fill unused space. They add soft ambiance, and they give character to any room, lit or not.


Decorate Blank Lamp Shades

 decorated lamp shade

Blank lampshades are cheap and readily available. Use art supplies to paint or draw your own design on blank shades in order to accent your room’s vibe.


Think Before You Throw away

wine cork uses 

You might be surprised at how many useful materials you throw away every day. Think carefully about reusable materials like wine corks and bottle caps that can be used for creative décor applications.

Explore Decoupage

furniture decoupage 

With a little bit of glue you can turn any printed-paper into an accent covering for almost any piece of solid furniture. This hack is great for transforming old, unattractive furniture made from fiberboard and laminate. Craft and design stores provide hundreds of patterns to choose from, so you should have no problem finding something you love.

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