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2014 Design Trends to Avoid

2014 Interior Micro Trends to Avoid

Interior design is a bit like fashion…we all use colours, pattern and texture to bring out the best with what we have, unlike fashion, if we commit to a style or colour pallet and get it wrong, it is a very costly and time consuming mistake to put right.  So when I turn on the TV and stumble across any of the numerous “makeover” programmes such as ITV’s Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover, I honestly do despair!  I occasionally find myself screaming at the box. 

Therefore, to ensure you are not misdirected by the beautiful images of houses with cream hall carpets (think about that for a second), let me give you a few examples of recent TV ideas, or “mirco trends” which are well worth avoiding.


Fake revealed brick walls.

It is the modern day equivalent of Artex!   This is where designers fix slim strips of “old-style” facia brick onto plasterboard using a cement style fixative to give a wall a rustic feel. To complete the look, they then plaster over the edges to make it look like authentic exposed brick-work.  It rarely looks authentic, unless you actually live in a 1880s crofter’s cottage or a renovated Docklands property that is.  In 4-5 years’ time, when you realise that it was a bad idea, it will be a nightmare to remove and involve a lot of plastering and hassle.  Just avoid it – please!


Hair-on hide dining chairs

I am sure you have seen them. They are everywhere; in all the more up- market stores, TV programmes, show-homes and style magazines.  Yes, they look stunning when they are new, but a “hair on” dining chair will be a very expensive mistake.  The thing is, despite what the manufacturers say the hair does rub off.  A kitchen stool or dining chair is a high use item which will look scruffy and tatty in an alarmingly short amount of time, with bald patches galore.  It’s fine for an occasional chair, ottoman or seldom used feature piece. Just be careful.


Embossed wallpaper.

If there are any ideas that went out in the 80s which should never be revisited this is certainly one. Don’t be conned by TV icons raving about this stuff.  The well-known brand name is Anaglypta, but before you even dream about putting this up please do read all the blog posts about the hell involved in removing it once you tire of it. 




Brass Baths and Sinks

Actually I love brass baths, they are beautiful looking but I would never buy one. Yes, they are coated with a clear, durable coating to make sure they keep their glorious lustre and don’t fade, however, if  you live in a hard water area, every spot and drop will leave that tell-tale mark, like water splashes on a mirror.  Of course everyone does clean their bath regularly, but this is a shiny surface, yet when you see dehydrated water splashes on your bathroom mirror you know what I mean – it takes that extra bit of buffing.  Stunning as it may look, this is one step too high in the hassle quotient for me.



Frills over Function

I hate to count the number of kitchens I have seen which do not follow the golden triangle rule (sink, hob and fridge being in an easily navigable triangle) I just imagine the cooks doing countless laps around the kitchen just to boil an egg.  Think about how you really use a space, walk it through. Imagine where your belongings need to go.  For example, people often become so excited about their cupboard finishes that they order integrated refrigerators with doors that open the wrong way. You want the refrigerator to open toward the area where you’ll be working in your kitchen.

Finally – it’s your home, so make sure you make it so!

Whether you follow the latest trends, or stick to conventional ideas with accents of inspiration you have seen in magazines such as house to home or on the TV, the goal of decorating your house is to honestly make it your own. Your space, which reflects your personality, if not you will be in danger of living in someone else’s ideal which may not fit your way of life.  We all want to feel that “home-sweet-home” feeling when we walk through our own front door so enjoy your space your way and have fun.

There are many ways you can improve your home by making changes that are timeless and classic which will withstand all fads and trends. Shutters are a great way to add elegance and beauty to your home. Our range of window shutters will give you lots of inspiration and ideas to help make your home the perfect place. 

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