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5 DIY Ideas for Antique Windows

The character and patina imparted by time to antique furnishings is unmatched. Items worn by decades of use and wear, items probably once thought to be useless and worthy of being discarded, can find new life as antiques. You can bring a unique touch of elegance to your home by adorning it with these types of furnishings, and you can even give them a personal touch by re-purposing them in a DIY project. Salvaged antique windows are a perfect item for such a project.

Spark your imagination with these five DIY ideas for salvaged antique windows:

Frame pictures into paned collages

pictures in window frames

The panes of salvaged windows are perfect for framing pictures. Compile a collection of your favourite snapshots and use a little bit of adhesive to secure them to the window from behind. There’s plenty of potential for creativity in this project. Get detailed instructions here.

Create a segmented chalkboard

salvaged window made into chalkboard

Staying organized isn’t an easy task. Make it a little easier with a segmented chalkboard. You divide and categorize your tasks, write notes, or just doodle! This project is super easy; all you’ll have to do is pick up some chalkboard backing and cut it to size. Hot glue or duct tape (Gorilla tape works especially well) are two good options for securing the chalkboard surface.

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with intact glass, you can simply cover the panes and frame and apply chalkboard spray paint. It’s formulated to behave exactly like a chalkboard surface once dried.

Display small potted plants

potted plants displayed in old window

For a more modern project, consider displaying miniature potted plants in each segment of your salvaged window. With endless possibilities for containers and botanicals, you can customize this project however you’d like.

Convert into a lightbox coffee table

salvaged window turned into table

This project is a tad bit more involved. You’ll need a window with clear, uncracked glass, a few tools, and some extra materials, but it’s more than worth it in the end. Or, if you want to leave it to the pros, there are pre-restored windowpane coffee tables on Etsy.

Display jewellery, china and more

Salvaged windows turned into general decor

Many salvaged windows are perfect for displaying decor accents like china, greenery, or jewelry. If you’re dealing with cracked or cloudy glass, it’s best to remove it carefully; this provides the best aesthetic appeal.

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