A Guide to Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters are a type of plastic shutter that is used as an alternative to real hardwood. It is a popular choice among our customers. That is because it comes with the appearance of real hardwood shutters and provides a higher durability and waterproof feature compared to the classic wooden ones. Our faux wood shutters are made up of a solid core composite material, so they are usually cheaper than wooden shutters in price. That makes them an ideal choice from a cost perspective.  

The wooden appearance of faux wood shutters, makes them suitable for both traditional and modern homes. In this guide to faux wood shutters, we will go through why faux wood is preferable to other types of shutters, what type of rooms they’re suited for, and why they could be the right option for your home.

White cafe style window shutters behind seating area

What are the Benefits of Faux Wood Shutters?

High Durability

Longevity is one of the main reasons why faux wood shutters are more desirable compared with other wooden shutters. Shutters faux wood can stand the test of time, as they won’t fade or get scratched. Of course, faux wood shutters are still less durable compared with PVC window shutters, but PVC window shutters do not come with the stylish wooden appearance of faux wood ones.

A Perfect Waterproof Solution

Given the waterproof characteristics of faux wood shutters, they are unlikely to be damaged by moisture in bathrooms or kitchens. This makes them last even longer compared with wooden shutters. Like PVC shutters, shutters faux wood can survive environments with high humidity. So, if you take good care of your faux wood shutters, they could even last for over 10 years!

A Cheaper Alternative to Real Wood Shutters

If you have purchased any wooden products before, you would have noticed that products made of real hardwood can be expensive. Hardwood shutters are no different. However, faux wood shutters are made of a cheaper material. Therefore, they are a cheaper alternative to give the stylish look of wooden shutters, without the cost.

If you need more inspiration on choosing faux wood shutters, have a look at our gallery. You can do this by browsing shutters by room and shutters by style, to help you find the shutters you like.

What Types of Rooms are Faux Wood Shutters Suited For?

Considering that they are made of water-resistant materials, it is ideal to have them in damper environments or wet rooms. Particularly, they are perfect for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where there is excess moisture. However, if you expect your shutters to make direct contact with water on a frequent basis, you may want to consider PVC shutters.

In addition, faux wood shutters serve the same functions as other plantation shutters. So, they can be fitted in any room or space. For example, they can be deployed in the bedroom to block out sunlight or noises and trap heat.

At Purely Shutters, we offer a wide range of colours and styles with our faux wood shutters. We can therefore ensure that they will fit your interior design and needs.

If you have any questions about this guide to faux wood shutters, please contact us at hello@purelyshutters.co.uk. Ready to take the next step? Book a free home consultation with us today!

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