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Bathroom Trends – avoiding costly mistakes

If you’re been thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul and have been looking at the latest design trends for inspiration, beware! Some trends which look fabulous in 2015 could look ridiculous by 2017.

In order to avoid expensive mistakes, we have made it our mission to look at the top 5 bathroom trends and consider the pros and cons of each.

Trend 1: Feature floors

Creating a statement floor in a bathroom was a popular trend in 2014 and looks set to be so in 2015 too.

Pros: Feature floor tiles, particularly in smaller bathrooms, add a striking style element without overwhelming the space. Have a look at this website for some great ideas: http://www.tilesporcelain.co.uk/

Cons:  If you want a “zen space” to relax in, with a few lighted candles and a glass of wine, then do make sure that the floor decoration is not so dramatic that it takes away your opportunity to relax. For more ‘Zen’ ideas visit – https://freshome.com/2012/12/31/how-to-make-your-home-totally-zen-in-10-steps/

 Avoid: Avoid mirroring the floor tiles in other areas of the bathroom, or it could become rather dazzling in the wrong way!  As with feature walls – less is more!

Tips: Pick out a single colour and use that as your accent for wall tiling and towels. It will not date so quickly.

Trend 2: Freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding baths are akin to kitchen islands and our love affair with them has yet to wane.

Pros: They look stunning, adding an air of glamour to a bathroom, as they make a striking sculptural design feature while creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Cons:  Some makes looks beautiful but as soon as you sit in them you find that they are extremely uncomfortable.

Avoid: Avoid choosing a bath based purely on looks, consider the size of the room and the space you need around the bath and how this fits in with the other bathroom elements you require.

Tip: Before you buy a bath, take your shoes off and lie in it, you will live to regret it if you don’t.

Trend 3: Open plan master suites

Removing most of the wall between the master bedroom and the bathroom has become a “hot” trend, especially in new build loft-style apartments. To my mind, this whole trend is best avoided on multiple levels, a soak in the tub is private time, a place to block the world out, not have a chat to your nearest and dearest who is sitting on the bed! However, for those who love this idea…

Pros: It makes the most of the light and space available.

Cons: Oh so many! Bathroom steam seeping into wardrobes. I hate looking at other people’s toothbrushes on display so you need to be careful to ensure you have a method to keep all the bathroom clutter tidied away.

Avoid:  As previously mentioned I am not a fan, yet for those who are, consider the flooring in your bedroom/bathroom carefully or you will end up with problems where they meet.

Tip: If you love this trend, consider installing bi-folding shutters or even sliding doors so that you can screen off the space if you do want a little privacy.

Trend 4: Having fun with colour

Colour in bathrooms goes in and out of fashion possibly faster than anywhere else in the home. We are not just talking about avocado bathtub fear, we are talking about the accent colours. Yet the 2015 trend is for outrageous colour taps, showerheads, hand rails and fittings.

Pros: There is no doubt it is fun and funky, young and trendy. It can give you an element of joy when you walk into a bathroom.

Cons: It will date, so make sure you choose the taps and showerheads with changeable tops.

Avoid: Avoid the types of taps, grab handles and showerheads which can’t be changed to reflect the changing fashions.

Tip: If you love this look, buy some extra showerheads and tap covers as there is always a selling day for any home.  Most buyers want a “blank canvas” to put their mark on. So keeping a spare set is wise. Mind you, if you do have a passion for neon orange, maybe invest in towels and removable elements rather than ones which are costly to alter?

Trend 5: Natural or reclaimed beauty

Drawing your design inspiration from nature is a great way to create a warm calming vibe in your space, infused with the natural world.  Using reclaimed or upcycled materials, combined with organic materials and stoneware gives a natural Asian spa-like feel to your bathroom.

Pros:  There is nothing as beautiful and relaxing as being surrounded by nature or natural woods, wickers and stone especially if they are reclaimed or environmentally sustainable.

Cons: Remember steam! Wood and water makes for warping.  Woods which are used in bathrooms need to be specially treated.

Avoid: While we always believe that any use of environmentally friendly activity is laudable, it is essential that you all make the room look desirable. Some “rustic looks” are actually a polite way of saying they look cheap, half-baked, or basically too home spun.

Tip: Do not overwhelm the space with too many pieces of drift wood or reclaimed mirrors frames. It can end up looking tacky.

We hope you have enjoyed this review of 2015’s current bathroom trends.  If you are looking for waterproof bathroom shutters, we have a great range to fit all bathroom designs and trends! Alternatively visit our Shutter Style page for more inspiration.

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