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Decluttering makes you younger!!!!

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Actually this statement is not quite as ridiculous as it may first appear. Most people who are “stressed” have a lot of clutter about.

Researcher and physician Roberta Lee has written a wonderful book about this called “The Super Stress Solution”, you can find it at Waterstones or any good bookshop.   In it she says that when we are surrounded by mess, clutter and disarray, we secrete a hormone called cortisol. This is bad news for your body as it makes you look and feel more tired or haggard – which is ageing!

There is nothing better than having a good clear out. Removing all the old, worn out, broken, unwanted or out of date items which fill our homes can have a very cathartic effect,   there are so many advantages  to a good declutter – some of which might surprise you.

You spend less! 

After a good declutter, there is a lower chance you will fill it up again with stuff. Just remembering all the hard work that was put in to decluttering, makes us think twice before we bring more stuff home. Thus we spend less on stuff.

Less to organise

Once you have “found” your dining table again, and filed away all the things which needed filing, or chucked the endless junk mail and free-sheets into the recycling box; it is so much easier to organise the items that arrive each week. We all spend a big part of our lives organising our stuff.

Faster exit

You know what it was like, 5 minutes each day moving everything from the cat to yesterday’s newspaper in the vane hope of finding your keys, mobile phone and glasses before you leave the house. With plenty of clear space, finding a good spot for these essential items is much easier.

Avoids garage – duplicate buying

I actually know of people who, because they can’t find the right screwdriver in the garage, will go out and buy a whole new set of tools. When they moved house a year ago, they found that they actually owned 6 tool boxes.

Fewer allergies and diseases (and makes you thin?!?)

When all the clutter has been removed and everything stored in the “right place” there is an urge to clean the newly organised room.  Some people may claim that a bit of dust or dirt makes a stronger immune system.  However, studies in America showed a direct relationship between having more stuff and being overweight and unhealthy. If you have fewer items in your home, you can clean it a lot faster and more effectively.  If you are house proud, there is also a chance that you will become proud of other aspects of your life too, for example becoming fitter and healthier.

Less time cleaning

The less you have, the less time you need to spend cleaning – simple.

Feeling more energised

Every time you walk into a cluttered, dusty environment your actually become cathartic. The visual stimulus can be overwhelming. People who live in a cluttered space tend to have many more unfinished projects on the go than those who life in a clutter free space. It is not that they do not do as many activities, it is just that they are able to “see” the activity better so are more likely to complete it.  Being surrounded by mess actually has an effect on your brain, similar to that of being very tired.

Less emotional baggage

There is nothing like a good clear out to get rid of the memories which wear us down. If your mother in law gave you a really nasty chair “Which has been in the family for 50 years” offer to give it back to her if you really don’t like it.  The reality is that she probably fobbed it off on you because she didn’t like it much herself and her in-laws had given it to her.

Seek help

Although decluttering can reduce stress for some people, if you are feeling stressed please do get professional help. See the NHS Website on reducing stress for more information.

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At Purely Shutters, we always try to keep our customers up to date with the latest trends, tips and advice. Shutters are visually less stressful, easier to clean and certainly more hygienic than fabric window dressings, so of course we are huge fans of a clutter free life.

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