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In early June we mentioned on one of our blogs ways you could enjoy growing vegetables, plants and herbs by using recycled bits and pieces including window shutters. In this week’s blog we thought we would continue with the theme and show you other ways you could display your summer flowers again using recycled items.

 The RHS Chelsea Flower Show held annually in May, is one of the biggest events in the horticultural diary, where leading garden designers fight for prestigious awards with their amazing creations which have been planned over many months. The show is a great place for inspiration for flower displays both in pots and in beds. Many designers over the years have incorporated recycling themes into their displays which you may find interesting.

Why not dig out your creative side and start looking for items that you could recycle into flower pots or use for displays. To whet your appetite here are some great ideas to get you in the mood.

 Old Tyres

If you have young children this could be the perfect way to spend a fun packed afternoon. Track down several old tyres of different shapes and sizes, paint them in different colours and then stack them up in a rockery formation in a corner of your garden. Fill with soil and plants and let nature take its course. Your final display will be an abundance of colour set against a colourful wall of brightly coloured tyres.

 Tin Cans

If you have always wanted an herb garden but just don’t have the space, try this mobile hanging device that is as cheap and cheerful as a can of baked beans. Collect as many old tin cans as you need, drill three holes in the bottom of the can for drainage and two in the side for hanging. If you would like a colourful display paint or spray your can for maximum effect. Fill your can with soil and plants or herbs, tie string through the side holes and hang from your fence or wall for an instant display of greenery and colour.

 Old Wellies

When wellies have seen their best, why not turn them into fun plant holders that will get everyone smiling. You can add some drainage holes to help the water flow, then fill with earth and plant away to your hearts content. Place your newly refurbished wellies around your garden to add colour and vibrancy.

 Kettles and other items

If you have a local scrap dealer, a visit to their yard and having a good old route around could unearth a whole realm of interesting plant holders. Old kettles and pans could make great displays or give some old toilet cisterns and sinks a new lease of life. There could be no end to your choice of plant holders in an Aladdin’s cave like this.

Why not break from tradition and find some interesting items to recycle this summer and for many summers to come.

For more information on recycling and how you can help the environment visit the Recycling Guide website for more useful tips and ideas.

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